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I was driving one night. A beautiful night,until so much light came all around until,I couldn't even see the road. It was so bright, and I saw this big huge thing looking toward's me. I was realy scared.Big eyes sooo scary looking with red eyes and green body.Then there was more of them came around him, different sizes. But all so big. The huge machine they came out of, looked gray. But so much light all around,I'm not sure. It was so loud though. They all looked at me and held their hands out, letting me know they wanted me. But they were so many around,holding their hands out to other places,letting me know,I am not the only one they want,they want us all. They are all around, look at night time, when you think you see a big bright star, it's not a big bright star. It is them. And they will be back for us. I floor boarded the gas peddle that night,and thank goodness I got away,but that don't mean, I or any of you will get away the next time. Other people has told me they have seen almost the same as I did, So please be safe,and watch out. Because,
      (The UFO'S ARE Coming After US)

Submitted by: Sandra
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