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Hi and thank you for the chance of letten me tell my story to you. It was back in 1996 when me and some friends went out to stay at this old home. Everyone told us we was crazy because alot of strange stuff had happened there before when others tried to stay there. We was young and we was determined not to be spooked in anyway or fashion. That evening had started out around 3 in the afternoon we had just got out of school. My friend Sam dad had just bought us a case of beer. He told us that we had to go somewhere that noone could find us. So that he don't get himself into trouble for buying us the beers.So we thought the old house would be the right place for that. So there it was the four of us who thought that we was badasses. Well we was about to meet the darkside of things in a way that none of us could of ever imagined. Rumor had it that this lady had killed her husband and kids and then buried them in shallow graves. At this house we was going to stay at. Of course we did not really belive none of that. Before we got there my friend Chris had told his g/f about our plans. She freaked out and begged him to stay. He would not listen nor would we. We got to the house about 5 that afternoon and we started drinking nothing had happened and everything
was cool. Then came 9:23 pm. A time that is frozen in my head. It was at that moment things would happen that would alter mine and everyone elses life that was there. It all started when my friend Rusty had taken off his shoes. He got up to walk to the restroom once there we heard him scream bloody murder. We all ran to the bathroom to see what was wrong with him. And it was then we noticed the bathroom floor was engaged in a bright color of Orange. The floor had steam coming off of it. I reached out to grab his hand but my hand was falling short. So I stepped forward onto the floor and walked over there smelling the smell of rubber buring from my shoes. I picked him onto my shoulders and begin to race to the front door. Right! has I opened the door a force threw me and him back into the house. I was dumbfounded. Chris then stepped forward only to find the same results. It was at that moment our other friend Sam went towards the back door. We heard him shout. When asked what was wrong he replyed that he had just seen a lady standing near the back door. We all just froze. It was like Sober had all but came back over us. Rusty's feet was burnt. We knew we had to get him some help. But we all was scared to even move. I then stood up about to bash the window. Then and imgage appeared. This lady in the window was MAD her face was bloody looking. Her teeth and skin was brownish and yellow but yet you could see through whatever she was. It was almost like a reflection but yet there was nobody behind me or outside the window.
I bought the chair back and continued about to swing it through the window. When my motion was stopped in a full swing. And the chair was forced out of my hand. I turned around to see what or who had just grabbed the chair. But then to my surprise the chair was there in mid-float. My friends set there in awe. The chair was lowered. I turned back to the window and the image was gone so I quickly clinched my fist and set out to punch the window out. My hand must of gotten up to and inch to the window when it was stopped. I could not go any closer to it. And then a sudden jolt went through my body. And I was thrown back into the wall. It was at that moment appeared the most hatefull red eyes you could ever see appered before me. Nothing else was there not a body not nothing. The Red eyes glazed over me and sunk down to make eye contact with me. And then they just up and disappeared. Right at that moment I ran over to my other friends. We huddled there scared to death of what we would see next. It did not take long either. A lady appeared to come out of the wall there beside us. She looked down at us pulled out this knife and then swung down at us with it. Right before it made contact with one of us. She and the knife was gone. We closed our eyes. After a couple of hours nothing happened but just when we thought it was safe we was wrong. Sam was yanked by his leg pulled up in mid -air by this force and slinged into the wall. And then Chris got picked up an his head was bashed back into the wall. And then he fell back down beside us. Then I got grabbed and pulled into the air and then led into darkest room in the house my feet was not touching the floor it was like i was hanging there.
Right at that moment the red eyes came back to meet me at eye level and then a body begin to take shape in the form of a lady. Her eyes glowed over me and then she threw me back into the wall. She then approached me and then vanished! Since we had all been hurt I knew she was going to go after Rusty who was far worse off than we was because of the burns on his feet. So I got up and felt my way out of the room. When I got out there I could see her ghostly image approach him. But right when she bent down to clinch a hold of him two young ghostly kids appeared out of the wall. They waved her off from him. Then appered to chase her off. And then they vanished as well. It was then I felt this lil tug on my shirt I looked back and there was this 3rd young child there who looked up at me with her ghostly eyes. And then took my hand into her's. She lead me over to Rusty and then she walked over to the do! or opened it up and grabbed my hand with one hand and Rusty's with the other. Right has she did this the other two children appeared again one grabbing the hand of Sam. While the other grabbed Chris's hand. Then they lead us to the door and let us go as we walked down the stairs. We each turned around to look back at the kids there they looked back at us with a sad glare and then the door slammed back. We knew we had to go. So we got into the car and raced off. We dont tell nobody about that night. Most ppl would not belive us Or would of just said we told you so. Thank you for letten me share it with you and for anyone else who reads it.

Submitted by: James

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