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This young indian girl was a pretty young girl until, she was out in the wilderness all by herself. I was out wandering around, just to admire the beauty you see. I heard a scream, a girl screaming. I ran to where it sounded like the screaming was coming from, and thought I wasn't going to ever get there. Before I ever did though, Ohoo Nooo, Something so scary looking and so big, and saw that there were more than just one. I can't tell you just what it was because I couldn't even tell. But I do know it was the scariest whatever I had ever seen. I didn't make it all the way there because of the fear. I just stood here praying for that girl. I couldn't do nothing because they were eating her. She was already dead by the time I got to where I was. There was so much Blood though. I just stayed awhile longer, because I didn't really know what to do. I was afraid to get up and leave.

She woke me up with Anger, and she was so bloody. She looked so scary, I got up and started running. She started runing behind me. Bloody face, bloody hands reaching out to grab me. I was so scared, I just knew she was going to get me. She was mad. But I coulnd't help her. I think she must have been mad at me, maybe because I had been there and not helped her. But there was no way for me to help. I was too terrified. And they would have gotten me too. I keep running, and fell off into this creek. I hit my head on a rock, and I don't know how long I was out, but thank goodness, I am alive. I didn't see her anymore, and I am sure I am not going back there anymore. But I can remember she was a pretty indian girl before these huge things got her. Submitted by: Sandra
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