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There was this ship, a beautiful ship with so many people on it. Going over the sea. The first few days on it was so nice I heard. Then something caused this ship to sink. Every one aboard died. I was also told to never go out around the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. I said why? Because there are all kinds of GHOSTS out there. And you wouldn't want to see them. I said well I was thinking about going out there one day, and I did. I didn't believe my friends, because I have been out pretty close to there before and never saw anything. But boy now I wish I would have listened to them. I first heard screaming. Then I saw heads coming up from the water, going in and out. I saw something that looked like the ship, and skeletons all around it. Bloody and all . It looked so scary. And I was by myself. I was really getting scared. Some of the heads looked green, some looked white, and some looked red,Bloody. They were really skulls. They looked awful. Then I even heard the horn blow. Like it was blowing at me to get out of their way or get away from their part of the ocean. I started turning my big boat around, and headed back home, and looked back and there it was coming my way. Oh my gosh, I said . And even those in the ocean, the heads were coming. I sped up going as fast I think that my boat would go, and thank goodness I did get away, but barely. I looked back and they were just there like, he's gone now so we'll leave him alone for now. So friends believe your friends if they ever tell you not to go somewhere. DON'T GO. Because of that
(Haunted Ship)