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Well, this is a tale that happened years ago, when I was several years younger. My girlfriend and I had been staying the weekend together. She kept telling me that her place was haunted but I didn't believe her. In fact, it wasn't until that weekend that I truly began to believe in another side. THE other side. She said this apparition, or whatever you want to call it, was called Knives. This is what Penny named her. Well, Friday night finally rolled in and she got really spooked, telling me to please not leave her alone. Because it was dark and the thing would be coming soon.. I thought she was losing it. I really did. Until I saw for myself. This... thing came out of nowhere. I couldn't see it real clearly, but it was there. And it carries knives. Now I knew why she had dubbed it that way. I started to freak out. And told her to lets get out of there. She told me to follow her.I did because, well, I didn't really want to wait around and see what this thing would try to do. Well, it followed us through the field. When we got out to the barn, things got really strange. You see, we had the barn set up for parties and such as that. Stereo, clock, the works. This thing wouldn't follow in there for some reason. To this day, I don't know why. But it was waiting. And taunting. It wanted us real bad. And to get us, it had to get us out of the barn. Strange things were going on I tell you. The stereo played, even after we unplugged it. Of course, we didn't turn it on to begin with. The hands on the clock were spinning. The thing would go from window to window just taunting. It rattled doors, shook windows. I thought I was losing my mind.This went on for awhile. I lost track of time. And then everything went quiet. We stayed in that barn until the sun came up. Penny said it never bothered her in the daylight. I don't know how she managed to stay sane living in that place. I never spent another night with her. We remained the best of friends all through high school. And we are still friends today. Pretty soon after all this happened, Penny moved out of there and got her own place. We don't talk about what happened to very many people. And the ones that we have told thought we were crazy. But I know the truth. I was there and I saw Death that night. I just wonder when it will be back to get me. There is no barn here.

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