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I was riding my 4 wheeler down these trails, and come upon the weirdest looking things I have ever seen. I don't know what they were or anything but do know I hope I never see them again. I was going up this big hill, when all of a sudden, there were alot of weird looking things on 4 wheelers. I stopped on top of the hill, because I wasn't about to go down there with those things. Some of them had whole bodies, and some just had parts. The 4 wheelers were even weird, they looked ghostly. I didn't stay long, I was so scared.

I was afraid they would hear me and then I would have been in trouble. It was really kinda weird... They looked like they were having... FUN? Maybe they didn't realize that they were dead. Or maybe they just didn't care. There was also a river out there and they were riding through it. I even saw ghostly tents all around that river. They were having blast! And them ghostly looking, whatever they were all around it. I was so scared, I just knew my life was about to end. I pushed my 4 wheeler back as far as I could hoping they would not hear me. And then I took off as fast as I could. This place people is in MS so be careful where ever you ride your 4 wheeler. You never know what you might come upon. I was lucky, I am alive, but You might not always hit it lucky. Bye for now friends, hope to see you again.

Submitted by:Rena
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