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One night me and my friends were outside playing truth or dare. I said dare, because I didn't think we would have to do whatever they said. But my best friend dared me to go at midnight to the 8 mile road, and look tall up in the air. She said I will go with you if you want me to. I said yes please.There was a big thing that looked like a space ship. But I couldn't see that far away. My best friend told me it was a UFO. Then I saw a big green weird thing. I said it was an alien. I started to crank up the car but it wouldn't work! I was so scared but my friend told me to get the flash light, so I did but it wouldn't work either. So here we were, sitting in the middle of nowhere in the car. I just froze up. Couldn't think, or reason.
I think I may have passed out but I'm still not really sure about all the events of that fateful night. My friend doesn't talk to me about it. It's like she's too scared to bring it up. I don't remember getting home, or how I got there, I just remember waking up in my bed. I have flashes every once in awhile and I think they may be memories from that night. In those memories, I see faces, but they're not human. Not at all... And I think maybe it's just too terrifying to remember because the faces are all I can really recall after seeing the UFO. Maybe one day, when I'm not so afraid anymore, I will know what happened.
Like I said aliens! are coming for us!
Submitted by: Lisa
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