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There once was this girl named Jenny Simmons. She was a bright 18 yr old girl. But she had alot of kinky ambitions about her. One day her friend Becky took her into the hall at school and told of her of this legend about a Gothic type demon. Becky had said that the demon was actually a man by the name of Jeff Croley a young man who had been beaten to death by a couple of Jocks back in High School. All that just because he was a Gothic Figure.Becky told her that he had come back from the dead in a demonic way. To strike revenge on all those who lived outside of the dark world. Jenny laughed and asked "Where should I go to find this Evil figure?" They say its out in the forest near Taylorville Becky said. Jenny smiled and told her friend that she might have to just go out there and see for herself about it. Later on that evening, Jenny's parents had went out for dinner with friends. Jenny called her b/f Mark over to spend some time with her. Once he got there she greeted him in the doorway with a kiss. Ran her fingers down to his pants and lead him to her room. There she made love to him for hours until they was both satisfied.By around 9 that night she asked him to take her to the forest. Why the hell do you want to go out into the forest? he said. She looks back and smiles in a sinful type smile. Well take me there and maybe I'll show you she says. Mark loved the sound of the idea. So he took her by the hand and lead her over to his car. Once the ride started Jenny the kinky but innocent looking young girl started to make moves on Mark. She ran her fingers up his thighs...and then leant over to place kisses on his neck. In return he ran his hand across her legs. Once they got to the forest. Mark was desperatly wanting Jenny. She waved her fingers in his face not huh not yet she said. She got out of the car and waited for Mark. Baby we dont have to go out into the woods to do what I wanna do to you Mark said with a grin. Well to do what I wanna do we have to. So Mark followed. "What are we doing out here" he said. Okay Okay she said there is suppose to be a demonic guy out here. WHAT! Mark says I just drove all the way out here to see a guy who has mental promblems? No baby he's dead. They say he is haunting this area Jenny exclaims. Whatever I am ready to go baby. Mark says. So Jenny always the kinky one unbuttons her shirt. Well baby do you want to make love to me out here in these woods she says. Mark smiles when he hears her say this. So Mark walks over there to her and puts her back against the tree and rises her arms over her head and begins to kiss her all over her neck and shoulders. Then comes back to her lips and there they roll there tongues into each others mouth. Suddenly a loud thud sounds in the background. Mark jumps back what the hell was that? Maybe its him. Jenny says. No Jenny that sounded like someone is cutting into a tree. Well go and be my knight in shinng armor Jenny says. Mark walks out over there to where the sound came from I do not see nothing. he says. Well then come back to me Jenny smiles. So he turns around only to hear the noise again. He turns back around and begins to walk a lil further into the direction of the noise. Right as he takes a couple of steps he stops. What is it baby Jenny ask. Mark does not respond standing there. Mark are you okay you need to stop playing games with me. said Jenny. Something is holding me here Mark gasps. There is nothing there Jenny says. Soon whatever had the grip around Mark's neck was realesed. Mark bent over and begin to gasp for air. Jenny was kinda of frightened. But laughed and told Mark that he could not fool her with his games. Mark begin to lift up when out of the Darkness his stomach and part of his face was ripped from his body. Jenny screamed but fell silent when she noticed this shadow walking towards her. As it came closer it started to take on shapes. The man had long dark hair. And dressed in black. He looked at her and began to smile. Jenny's knees begin to weaken she could not calm herself. What are you doing in my woods? He smiles and says to her. Suddenly Jenny takes a hold of his hand and then begins to run her tongue over his fingers.Thinking that maybe she could seduce the demon into letting her go He smiles. Do you like this Jeff. Jenny asks. HE grabs hold of her by the chin with his fingers still in her mouth. And then he pulls from his back pocket this thick long dagger. And then he RAMS it through her cheeck bone back into her head and into the tree. Her blood begins to roll down his hand as his fingers are still inside her mouth. He takes them out and grabs hold of her head and lifts it up. He smiles at her lifeless body. Then looks over to Mark smiles again and then goes back into the thick mass of woods. Waiting for the next brave soul to challenge the darkside.

Submitted by: James

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