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I went to the mountains. Big, huge mountains in Tennessee. Way out in the wilderness. I always loved walking the mountains and going way out in the woods. But one day, while I was doing this, I heard something. It was getting louder and louder. I hid in some bushes, and looked down this mountain. Then I saw it, this real old Indian Reservation. There were Indians, lots of them. And their teepees, horses, bow and arrow. I got a little closer, but stayed hid. I saw it was foggy around them, and went a little closer and then I started getting really scared. Because the fog has gotten all around me also. It was then that I could see them better. They were skeletons, oooowwwww, they looked so scary, and they were looking my way. And as foggy as it was, I didn't know which way to run. And I was afraid to move. They had their bows and arrows, bloody looking bones, grayish looking eyes, and they looked real angry. As though mad that someone had invaded their land. No one should be here. Even some of them looked as though they had an arrow peircing their bones. I moved a little, not meaning to, and when I looked their way, they were coming. I said to myself, oh nooo... where can I go, what do I do. I looked up in the sky to pray for help, and all I saw were ghostly Indians everywhere looking down at me. And all these others coming up the mountain toward me. Like I said, it was so foggy, but I did have a flashlight with me, it was a big bright one. And all I had with me was a little food and water. So I turned it on, and turned it facing them. And boy was I glad, they were gone. I did the same thing in the sky and they were gone, so I found my way back home. So never go too far out in the wilderness, there's no telling what you might find. Might be,
That Ghostly Reservation.

Submitted by: Sandra
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