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There was this little town I was always told was haunted. The name of it is Blairsville. It was a town for cowboys to go have fun. So we decided to go camp out there. It looked haunted, but I wasn't afraid. That is, until midnight arrived. There was so much noise it woke me up. I started thinking we were somewhere else. I looked out the tent, and man, there was some weird looking people. Weird looking horses, and strange looking women also. They were ghosts. They were in this place drinking and they didn't even pick their drinks up. Their drinks came to them. Then I saw some coming on these weird looking horses and these people didn't even have all their body. I was very bloody looking and they were carrying body parts. I was getting really scared that they might see us and want us. I saw them go in this building and saw them eating the body pas. And I also could see the drinks looked like blood. These cowboys were so scary, I just wanted to get away. As we started moving our tent, all of a sudden, there was this cowboy standing right in front of us, just part of a body. And he was holding a hand, and eating it. More came by us, scaring me to death. I just wanted to get away. We went on and put our camping things in the car and left. I looked back and they were coming. We went faster, and soon we didn't see them anymore. So what I am trying to say is, watch out about going to haunted towns. Especially
The Haunted Cowboy Towns

Submitted by: Sandra
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