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Everything was so quiet this one day at home. It was only me and my pets. I have quite a bit of pets also. But my dogs started barking and barking and got worse until I got up and looked all in the house and outside and didn't see anything they could have been barking at. Then my bird started acting crazy in its cage, then my hamters started acting crazy also. Then it was getting dark. They all had calmed down for awhile, then they every one started all over again. I had only been in bed a few minutes when they started all of that over. And at the foot of my bed, was a skeleton, bloody looking, and I covered my eyes but one. And he looked so scary. Then on each side of my bed were ghosts. Standing there looking right at me. I moved my hand real slow and turned my lamp on, then I didn't see them. But I knew my lights were off in the other rooms. And my pets were acting so crazy I knew I had to do something. So as scared as I was, I got up and looked in the other rooms and sure enough there was alot of ghosts, skeletons, there was spiders. I even saw something that looked like a vampire and bats.

They were trying to get my poor pets. I was even more scared because if they were after my pets, they would surely want me too. So I didn't know what to do. I was thinking, well these in my bedroom didn't bother me, but then I thought, I moved my hands slowly and turned my lamp on and thats when they disappeared. But how can I do that in there. How can I get to the switch to cut the lights on. Oh, I was so scared, I just didn't know what to do. But I do know I left my light on in my bedroom. Because if I didn't, I knew they would be after me. So I sat there on my bed trying to think what I could do, and I thought, call my dogs in here real quietly. So I did try that, and thought they never would hear me, but finally they must have heard. They came running to me, and was still barking. I knew they had came in my room but the light was on, so I couldn't see them but my dogs sure did. Anyway, I slowly walked in the other rooms and turned the lights on, and they were gone. For the time being anyway. My pets calmed down again and boy I left my home. Took all my pets with me, and moved into another home, and the pets seem to like it alright. But every once in awhile the dogs bark, and I get uneasy. Reckon the ghost and all are slowly coming here. Beware, You Never Know What Might Be In Your House.
Submitted by:Sandra
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