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One time my brother and I thought we would go to this grave yard, and we decided to go at midnight. It was cool at first, until PEOPLE STARTED TO RISE OUT OF THERE GRAVES! My brother and I couldn't get out. But by that time we started to slide down into the river and there was already 2 families rising up out of there graves. They started running after us, and we started running faster. We ran about 5 miles and thought they were gone, but they wasn't. We had a cell phone so we called the police. But my cell wasn't working. And I was so scared, didn't know what to do.
Then we saw this lady walking down the road and asked if she had a phone we could use. She said she did and let us use her cell. But it didn't work either. So when we turned around to give her phone back, we discovered she was a ghost too, because she was fading before our eyes! So we started running around to different stores, but we were so scared and we were just sure that there would be a ghost in every one we went to. We just assumed we wasn't going to live long, so we started running again. and finally we made it back to our house. We are never going to graveyards after dark again.

Submitted by:Lisa
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