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It was a beautiful day,so I thought it would be nice to go out to sea. So we went for the weekend on our beautiful blue & gray boat. It was a big boat too. And it started off so pretty, I said, boy we are really going to enjoy this. The water was so blue, and the dolphins looked so happy. But as night time came and the sky got dark, Lighting & Thunder set in, and the water turned Black. The Waves started getting soooo big and sooo bad, our boat felt like it was going to turn over. Fog was setting in, and was getting worse. I myself was really getting scared. I looked on out at sea and ohoooo, maannn, you talk about getting scared, I Really Did. I have heard of people dying out at sea, but never really thought much about it. But WOWOOOO I saw people out there that has died and I had a scare of my life.They were getting closer to our boat, and some looked as if they were begging for help. Some looked like they were trying to stay up from going under. They were sooo scary looking, you'd have to turn your head of the fright. Being out at sea, and seeing all of this, and no way out. I am just glad we made it back. So if you ever decide to go to sea, Be careful and remember,
The Fear Out In The Ocean

Submitted by: Sandra
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