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In-Depth Weapons Guide - Version 2







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Silver Weapons | Crystal Weapons | Antiques

Best Weapons | Enchanting Weapons | Identifying Weapons | Preventing Rust | Rare Attributes

New! Max Enchants: The max enchants column, which is displayed as the final column for all weapons, indicates the maximum number of successful enchant scrolls that can be used on a weapon. This number has been calculated through the following formula for maximum enchants: 3x + 2y + z, in which x is the base attack of the weapon, y is the base defense, and z is the base skill. The Max Enchants number has a direct effect on the success rate of an enchant scroll; please take a look at the Scrolls Guide to learn about it!

Average Base Stats: Every weapon on this list has one base stat column that's highlighted in a different color. This is the average base stat for the weapon, meaning that every other base stat is either below or above the average. What I've observed is that for every single weapon in the game, there is only 3 base stats that are below the average base stat. Based on this assumption, there may be unlisted base stats for the Flaming Sword, Terror Rod, and most Crystal weapons.

Location Advice: Advice is provided for each questing location; basically, you shouldn't move on to a new location if you feel that your character isn't strong enough to survive there. The advice is based on the assumption that your character isn't receiving any assistance with weapons from clans or other characters, and it's also based on the assumption that your luck with getting weapons from the Wheel Guy is lousy or nonexistent.

Weapons Advice: Advice is also provided for each weapon and should help you decide whether or not you should equip the weapon or sell it for marks.

Position: The corresponding body position that the weapon is for. Your character has five different slots for weapons/armour and each weapon uses up a specific slot. Some weapons take up more than one slot.

Level + Fighter Skills: This is the minimum equipment level of the weapon as stated in the game. Without Fighter skills, this is the lowest level that your character has to be in order to equip the weapon. With Fighter skills, this number is a minimum combination of your current level and Fighter skills. For example, a Dragon Scale Jacket has an equipment level of 31. If your character is at level 22, you'll need at least 9 Fighter skills to equip it. If your character doesn't have Fighter skills for whatever reason, you'll have to wait until he or she reaches level 31.

Dropped By: The creature(s) in the area that drops the particular weapon/armour.

Silver: Yes indicates that this weapon has a silver variant.

Crystal: Yes indicates that this weapon has a crystal variant.

Inherent Attributes: The attributes that the weapon normally comes with.

Weight: As of now, no one knows how to interpret this value, but it has some sort of relation with the drop rate of the weapon. For now, this value can be used to compare the weights between different weapons. Weights are listed for all silver and crystal weapons as well as a select few regular weapons.

Want to Help?
Because I'm only one person, I obviously can't know the stats of each and every single weapon in this game. I know that there are some weapons out there that aren't listed in this guide, but perhaps you know the base stats of a weapon that isn't listed here. I'm always willing to accept help from others, and if you find an unlisted weapon, please send DC mail to randomorange with the base stats of the weapon. Please don't send in the stats of any weapons that have rusted; if you aren't sure if the weapon has rusted or not, please don't send it in at all. Similarly, if you see the stats of a weapon in this guide that shouldn't belong there, please mail me. Anyone who contributes to the improvement of this guide will be added to the Thank You List.

General Disclaimer and Limitations
As far as I know, this is the only guide that provides base stats of weapons that were actually found in the game. The base stats have been either gathered independently or with the help of other players. A couple players have directed me to a forum thread with a listing of base stats that have been compiled by a player named LordXod. This list appears to be widely circulated throughout various clan forums, but these base stats have been calculated with a program and aren't representative of the base stats of weapons that I and many other players have found in the game. In other words, I don't trust LordXod's calculated list of weapons that he had gathered through his analysis of the DC code because I have encountered far too many mistakes and inconsistencies on that list. Also, I have no intentions of taking information from other websites or players without their permission. I've had material stolen from this help page before in the past and know how it's like.

You should also be aware that there are two limitations to this guide. First of all, this guide doesn't contain every single base stat that exists in the game but I'm slowly working towards it and there are always new high-stats being found. Second of all, to protect the prestige of existing High Stat Lists, I don't add any of the base stats from those lists unless given the permission to do so. That, and I can't confirm for sure if those base stats are legit unless I've either found one myself or have seen them being used in a trade. This means that the highest-stat column that is listed under each section of this guide may not be accurate and your best bet is to refer to the Updated Highstat List that is maintained at the Wizards & Warriors Forum.

I've always believed that it's generally a good idea to share this kind of information with other players, and I believe that it can serve a lot of purposes. For one thing, this guide can be used to prevent people from being able to exchange rusted weapons to people who are seeking to collect weapons with certain stats for their collection. It also stops scammers from being able to make up false base stats of a weapon to trick an unsuspecting trader. And, of course, this guide can provide information for anyone who is interested in knowing what the lowest and highest stats of each weapon have been found in the game so far.

Why was this guide even created in the first place? I can recall a time when it was amazing to find a Koutetsu with higher attack points than defense among other things, but the DC upgrade of April 8, 2002 really destroyed the diversity of base stats of all the weapons in the game. Still, I thought about creating a list of all the weapons that I found after realizing that many of them followed a well-defined pattern during the days before the upgrade was implemented (I was a DC Test player at the time). A lot of people back then were excited about the changes and weren't sure if they had weapons that would qualify as "high stat" weapons; I remember when people used to auction off 60a Gladius at the Trading Post and no one knew that the highest Gladius in the game provided 135 base attack. The changes also made the game a bit more adventurous since people wanted to see who could find the best of each weapon.

Changes in Version 2
This weapons list is a definite improvement over the last one; it loads faster and provides more content. But because the old Weapons List was so popular in the past, I'm not going to take it down. You may view the Old Weapons List here, but it hasn't been updated since December 2002.

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All creature images and related insignia are ©1997-2007, Fred's Friends, Inc. This help site
is maintained and written by randomorange of the Wizards & Warriors clan. Please send
all inquiries to randomorange through in-game mail. This site is not affiliated with Fred's Friends, Inc.