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Game Bugs
Prior to the DC Upgrade on April 8, 2002, there were several bugs in the game that were exploited by players. Whether or not these bugs were intentionally or unintentionally abused by others, such bugs had existed for years without being fixed. Some of the bugs weren't noticed by many players while others didn't know that they were actually bugs that the game programmers didn't originally intend to occur. Action wasn't often taken against those who openly admitted that they exploited some of these bugs, but the exploitation of bugs was clearly against the rules.

Since these bugs can no longer be exploited, this list is pretty obsolete today. And you'll be glad that they can no longer be exploited as soon as you learn about the bugs that existed back then.

Backpack/Storage Spying
It was once possible for a curious individual to look into another player's backpack and storage by simply peering the character and finding the corresponding file on the Temporary Internet Files folder. After accessing the file, the curious individual was able to read the person's DC Mail and see exactly how many items and weapons that the character had. In addition, the perpetrator was able to determine the character's Level, Guts, Wits, Charm, and the last time that the person logged in. The DC Upgrade on April 8, 2002 fixed this bug.

Guild Joining Bug
There was once a bug in the game that allowed a player to join the in-game guild for less than the 4,000 marks that were required to join. In order to join the guild, a player only had to have 5 quests and at least 1 mark. Although this bug was fixed when the DC Upgrade was put into place on April 8, 2002, the button still wasn't grayed out to players who had less than 4,000 marks in their backpack.

Peering without Opals
The ability to peer without opals was one bug that went unnoticed for a long time, leading many people to think that not having to sacrifice opals to peer others was supposed to be normal. Some of these people may have wondered why there was a "3/0 Opal" message on the bottom left corner of the peering screen. When this bug was in effect, players who had opals in their backpack lost 3 opals every time they peered someone, and rightly so, while those who didn't have opals at all were still able to peer others. Today, the option of peering into other characters is only available to those who have at least 3 Opals in their possession.

The Limbo Bug
This was one bug that angered a lot of people, especially those who had characters in the DC Test Version during May 2000. For no apparent reason whatsoever, a character could find him or herself in a place called Limbo and have everything completely reset. In other words, the person had to start all over if his or her character was struck by the Limbo bug.

Forum Posting Bug
This was a unique bug that players who had exactly 15 letters in their username could take advantage of. The person was able to post in the DC forums with his or her original name including as many additional numbers and letters to the end of that name until there were no more spaces on the username box. Of course, the person still had to supply the correct password in order to post, but a lot of people were confused whenever a person with 15 letters in his or her username decided to exploit this bug.

The Goblin Mounds Bug
This was one bug that existed for a very short period of time and is likely to be the least known of them all. During August 2002, players were able to purchase any item from the shop owner at the Goblin Mounds. They were able to purchase 100 of any item of their choice, including items that couldn't normally be bought from the in-game stores such as Bottled Faeries, Cookies, and Time Crystals. Traders were less willing to accept Bottled Faeries at the Trading Post when this bug was being exploited.

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