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Gaining Rank Guide
One of the most important things that you can do for your clan is to raise your rank as highly as possible. Advancing in rank is completely dependent on your character's favor, which can only be increased through participating in various Royal Court activities. There are 14 different ranks in the game and the following chart lists the amount of clan power that each rank provides as well as the amount of favor that is necessary to gain that rank:

Male Rank Female Rank Rank Value Favor Required
Peasant Peasant 0 0 favor
Squire Lady 1 100 favor
Knight Dame 2 300 favor
Captain Amazon 3 600 favor
Baron Baroness 4 1,000 favor
Count Countess 5 1,500 favor
Viscount Comtessa 6 2,100 favor
Marquis Marquessa 7 2,800 favor
Earl Earl 8 3,600 favor
Duke Duchess 9 4,500 favor
Prince Princess 10 5,500 favor
Viceroy Viceroy 11 6,600 favor
Regent Regent 12 7,800 favor
Seneschal Seneschal 13 9,100 favor

Power Contribution to the Clan
As stated earlier, gaining rank is very important if your character is associated with a clan. Part of being in a clan may involve the temporary sacrifice of the individual achievement that comes with questing in favor of spending time in the Royal Court to maintain or advance in rank; thus helping the clan gain power and advance on the lists.

The exact amount of power that a character contributes to his or her clan can be calculated by the following formula: (Hero's Level/8) + (Rank Value). For example, a level 24 Duke will contribute (24/8) + (9) = 12 power points to his clan.

Maintaining Favor
As soon as you log in every day, 1% of your character's favor is lost. Characters who have an amount of favor in excess of 10,500 will suffer a larger loss of 5% instead. For this reason alone, regular participation in Royal Court activities is necessary in order to maintain or raise your rank.

Mingling vs. Gaming
Mingling has almost always been heralded as the most effective way of gaining rank, and while it is certainly the safest way of ranking up, Gaming may be a better alternative for characters who have at least 150 guts. As an example of how much more effective gaming is than mingling, I had a character with 600 guts game with all his quests for an entire week. His favor increased from 2200 to 8000! Dicing, on the other hand, is never an ideal way of ranking up since you can only gain favor if you lose; your favor decreases when you win.

Your character will be demoted to the rank of Squire if your favor falls below half the amount of favor that was necessary to advance to your rank in the first place. For example, a Seneschal will be demoted to a Squire if he or she ever dips below 4,550 favor. If your character's favor has dropped to such a low level that he or she is in danger of being demoted, the Queen will inform you that she has been missing your company:

If you ignore her warning by failing to do anything to raise your character's favor, this will happen to him or her:

Ranking Bonuses
Raising your rank will allow you to receive more marks at the start of the next day if you have rented a Room or a Suite. Also, you'll be allowed to post in a specific forum that is exclusive to players who share a similar rank.

Losing Standing
Keep in mind that the amount of power that your character offers to his or her clan is not permanent. All clan standing will be temporarily lost if your character doesn't log in at least once every 2 weeks.

The good news, however, is that a character can no longer lose clan standing for exceeding the maximum number allowed for attributes that count towards the top 24 lists. In the past, players were automatically removed from all lists if they exceeded 50k Fame, 10k Skill, 2k Age, or 2.1 billion marks. Even further in the past, players were removed from the lists if they exceeded 25k Fame, 5k Skill, or 1k Age. This is no longer true today and players who have over 2.1 billion marks will simply have their marks converted to a negative number.

Ranking and Leveling Strategy
A rank and level raising strategy that is often employed by players who have billions of marks at their disposal is creating many characters and using their riches raise the level of these characters to 32 through tithing. Level 32 characters provide 4 power points to their clan in addition to the points that are associated with their rank. However, this strategy for raising rank and level may not be the best idea if you ever decide to use any of these characters for the purpose of questing. Unless they're confined to Royal Court activities for every single day for a year or so, they'll die in battle rather easily.

Gaining Rank in the Past
Although raising rank was also dependent on favor, which was a hidden attribute, in the past, it was once possible for a character to gain rank by sending a series of petitions to the queen. Even further in the past, it was once possible for a character to raise his or her rank by offering a specified amount of marks to the queen.

Also, the ranks of Squire, Captain, Viceroy, and Seneschal didn't exist until the DC upgrade of 2003.

All creature images and related insignia are ©1997-2007, Fred's Friends, Inc. This help site
is maintained and written by randomorange of the Wizards & Warriors clan. Please send
all inquiries to randomorange through in-game mail. This site is not affiliated with Fred's Friends, Inc.