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DC Mail Guide
Located within the corridors of the Castle Area is the Post Office, where players can exchange items, weapons, and notes with other players. Players can select the items in their backpack that they want to send to another person, who will then receive the package when the next reset occurs.

Sending Notes
One of the most popular functions of the Post Office is to send notes to other players. Just buy some Pen & Paper for the ridiculously low price of 12 marks from the in-game shop owner and you're all set. Of course, you shouldn't forget that not only will you have to waste one quest to get to the Post Office, but it'll cost an additional 1,000 marks to send the note to the other person. Each note has a capacity of 500 characters worth of text, which should be more than enough space for you to write on. If your message exceeds 500 characters, you'll have to buy some more Pen & Paper. Luckily, you don't have to worry about the possibility that the other person won't be able to read your note if you use up all of the characters, seeing that you can scroll up and down to read the full message. In the past, you could only read the first several sentences and the rest of the note was cut off.

Serving the exact same purpose as their Pen & Paper counterparts, Gobble Inn Postcards can also be used to send letters to other players. These can be purchased from the shop in the Goblin Mounds for 40 marks each. In the past, Gobble Inn Postcards used to be junk items that couldn't be used for anything.

Important - Getting the Recipient's Name Right
When sending mail to another player, caution should be taken when you're spelling out his or her username. If you misspell the character's name, the contents of the package will be lost permanently.

Vanishing Notes and Mail
Beginning in April 2002, notes used to disappear the following night and was promptly removed from your backpack or storage as soon as you logged in again. People who didn't want to lose their notes had to either take screenshots of them or send their notes to other characters on a daily basis. Vanishing notes, however, are a thing of the past and you're allowed to keep them for as long as they don't rust away. Then again, it's unlikely that you're going to want to keep them anyway since notes take up backpack/storage slots that can be used to store items that are more valuable.

Today, mail can still "vanish." For this to happen, you'll need to have an excessive amount of items in your backpack. If you have excess items in your backpack due to picking up too many packages from the Post Office, all items in excess of 100 will disappear from your backpack and have no chance of being retrieved if you accidentally log out or close the window. For this reason, you should be careful as to not send too many packages to a person because you might end up flooding his or her backpack.

Mail can also vanish if a package isn't picked up within one month after it was sent to you. In the past, it wasn't uncommon for players to avoid picking up packages from suspicious players who sent "glitched" items in an effort to ruin a person's character.

In the past, the Post Office was frequently used by people for the purpose of annoying others. One thing that people used to do was send packages with one junk item and mail it to a person that they disliked. There weren't any severe penalties for doing this because it only costed 100 marks to send each package. Such a practice may still exist today, in fact. For further annoyance, players had to spend 100 marks for every package that they opened back then. A modern-day way of annoying other players is to send a massive package filled with mediocre weapons in a rather vain attempt to flood that person's backpack and cause him or her to lose a lot of items.

It used to be possible for players to save their progress without having to exit the game by simply sending mail to their own characters, but sending mail to other characters will no longer save the game.

The Old Days
Older DC players can recall a time when it wasn't necessary to expend a quest to visit the Post Office. The Post Office was also the place for people to pick up their investment notes when there was still an option to Invest.

Glitches and Mail Errors in the Past
Whenever Post Office glitches occured, players were reminded of how much the Post Office was a staple to the game when communication with others became impossible. It was bad enough that people had lost entire packages of items and weapons due to Post Office glitches, but clan leaders and people who aspired to join clans also took a toll. Clan leaders weren't able to receive their Petitions to Join and aspiring clan members couldn't receive their Grants to Join.

Broken Mail

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