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Summary of DC Upgrades
Ever since 2002, an upgrade has been made to the game for every year except for 2004. Although the next DC upgrade is expected to be released sometime in 2007, no one knows exactly when it will be released or whether the changes that have been outlined in this guide will still be accurate by then.

Thanks to metalthor for suggesting the addition of this section.

Upgrade of: 2002 | 2003 | 2005 | 2006 | 2007

Upgrade Analysis: DC Upgrade of 2002

Out of all the upgrades that have ever been made to the game, the April 8, 2002 upgrade was probably the most important of them since it brought changes that completely altered some the mechanics of the game. Much of the information that is included in this analysis were listed under the News section of this help site on the same day that the upgrade was released.

Changes to Gameplay

  • The strength of all creatures has been increased significantly. When a character levels up, creatures will become stronger.
  • Less experience points are now required to level up. This explains why so many characters gained a few levels as soon as they logged in.
  • Players can no longer use the Cheat-o-Matic program to hack the value of items in the game. Although this change was previously thought to prevent the problem of hacked items in the game, it was soon discovered that this wasn't so.
  • A minor change has been made to the mailing room; the input field for the recipient's name is now on the bottom of the screen as opposed to the top. In addition, "express mail" has temporarily been brought back to the game - instead of having to wait for the daily reset time to receive items in the mail, players will receive them within seconds.
  • There is now a minor bug when it comes to either sending weapons to other players or withdrawing weapons from a character's storage. It will ask for the quantity of the weapon that is to be sent or withdrawn, and this number is equivalent to the number of attributes on the weapon. Two-handed weapons are subjected to the bug regardless of how many attributes they offer.
  • In the in-game shops, the text has shrunk in size and is now boldened.
  • It's no longer possible to join the Free Adventurers Guild in the Forest for less than 4,000 marks.
  • More non-playing characters have been added to the Royal Court. In addition, it's no longer possible to make Investments in the Royal Court.
  • It's now possible to see how many skill points a weapon has from the inventory page. Before the upgrade, a player had to click on the Info button to see how much skill a weapon had.
  • Backpack size is now limited to 60 slots and Storage size is limited to 100 slots regardless of a character's level or stats.
  • Certain creatures will now drop a fixed amount of items. Peasants will always drop 4,000 Food, Gladiators will always drop 4,000 Marks, and Hercules will always drop 10,000 Marks.
  • Creatures who have the option of being fed will now consume more food and fish than they previously did.
  • The stats of Field Mages have been significantly reduced.
  • The creature pictures for the Sphinx and the Castle Guards have been changed.
  • The picture of the servant in the Clan Hall building no longer loads properly.
  • Changes to Items

  • Up to 3 Cookies are now issued to all new characters. These special cookies differ from regular cookies in that they don't turn into Kookies overnight and can be sent to other players. Not surprisingly, Cookies have become a somewhat major currency among traders at the Trading Post forum.
  • 2 new items have been added to the game: the Bottled Faery and the Faceless Potion. Bottled Faeries are items that rescue heroes as soon as they are killed in battle, preventing the character from losing any quests or items. The Faceless Potion is an item that clears the character's description as soon as it is used. It can be bought at Djinni's Magic Shop for 3,000 Marks.
  • Mandrake Roots have been modified so that they can be used for an infinite amount of times. Prior to the upgrade, players could only use an amount of Mandrake Roots equivalent to twice their level before suffering damage. This change has greatly increased the trade value of Mandrake Roots.
  • The functions of magical scrolls have been changed. Flames will now add 8 attack points to right and two-handed weapons as opposed to only 4 attack points. Luck now adds 12 skill points as opposed to 2 skill points; however, Luck no longer works on weapons that aren't right or two-handed weapons. Glow now adds 2 skill points to weapons regardless of position.
  • Enchant scrolls will now stay highlighted when you use them to enchant weapons from your backpack, making the enchanting process much easier than before.
  • Items can no longer be bought from in-game stores if a character has 100 or more of that item in his or her backpack. A trick that allowed players to dump their items in order to purchase more items no longer work as of the upgrade.
  • Clan petitions can now be sent manually to other players. A character who receives a Grant to Join in the mail can simply send it to another player.
  • Notes are no longer permanent items. They'll automatically vanish from the character's inventory or storage overnight. Sending notes back and forth between multiple characters is the only way to preserve them.
  • Food can now be eaten in or out of battle to restore 2 injured guts.
  • Changes to Weapons

  • Weapons have been made significantly more powerful, rendering most antique weapons powerless and worthless. Many players immediately sold all of their old gear in favor of the new, advanced gear.
  • Silver weapons have been added to the game. There are 10 different silver weapons to be found: Silver Elf Bow, Silver Giant Maul, Silver Gladius, Silver Masamune, Silver Pike, Silver Sea Slippers, Silver Staff, Silver Tail Whip, Silver Throwing Knife, and Silver Weird Knife. At least one of these silvers can be found from each questing location in the game.
  • Some of the mechanics of enchanting have been changed. Attack and Defense points will now be added to weapons for every 5 successful enchants. However, weapons will now have a Maximum Enchant number and weapons that are enchanted beyond this number will risk being destroyed. To know exactly when the Maximum Enchant number is about to be reached, weapons go through 3 stages: Enchant Weak, Enchant Good, and Enchant Strong. More information about these enchantment stages can be found on the Enchanting Weapons Guide.
  • Much to the dismay of many players, rust has been re-introduced to the game. Unlike the times when rust was first introduced to the game, storing weapons and items in the storage will not prevent rust. The only foolproof way of preventing rust is to send weapons and items to other players, and unfortunately, this is happening at a time when DC mail is known to be faulty.
  • Lower-stat variations of certain weapons, such as Asauras and Goblin Shields, can be polished for a fee at Aimee Suitor's Armoury, raising their base defense to the average base stat level.
  • Nunchakus have been removed from the game.
  • The Mystic Robes headgear from the Mounds has been renamed to Magic Robes.
  • The Magic Staff weapon from the Dungeons has been renamed to Mystic Staff.
  • Worms and Sea Serpents can now swallow equipment with Flames.
  • Gladiators will now drop Great Targes instead of the regular Targe.
  • Sea Serpents will only drop 1 Serpent Scale when they are slaughtered. Before the upgrade, they dropped 3.
  • Dragon Shields and Great Pikes can now have unique stats and rare attributes.
  • Other Changes to Weapons

  • Before the upgrade, weapons that were dropped by more than one creature would have identical stats and couldn't come with rare attributes unless they were dropped by a certain creature. They can now be found with unique stats and rare attributes regardless of the creature that drops them. This change applies to:
    1) Elf Bows that are dropped by Snots. Before the upgrade, only Elf Bows that were dropped by Elves could have unique stats and rare attributes.
    2) Mithril Mails that are dropped by Elves and Snots. Before the upgrade, only Mithril Mails that were dropped by Kabolds could have unique stats and rare attributes.
    3) Serpent Scales that are dropped by Mermaids. Before the upgrade, only Serpent Scales that were dropped by Sea Serpents could have unique stats and rare attributes.
    4) Asauras that are dropped by Peasants. Before the upgrade, only Asauras that were dropped by Ninjas could have unique stats and rare attributes.
  • Changes to Listings

  • The maximum attributes for the top 24 lists has been doubled to 50k for Fame, 10k for Skill, and 2k for Age.

  • Upgrade Analysis: DC Upgrade of 2003

    Just one year after the major DC Upgrade of April 8, 2002, another upgrade was made to the game in 2003. The 2003 upgrade wasn't nearly as huge as the 2002 upgrade, but many noticeable and fairly important changes were made to the game.

    Changes to Gameplay

  • Two major changes have been made to guild skills. First off, characters are now allowed to have up to two guild skills for each of their levels as opposed to only one. Next, characters who choose to learn Ieatsu skills will be pleased to know that Ieatsu skills no longer count towards the overall amount of guild skills. This means that players can learn Ieatsu skills regardless or whether or not they've maximized the number of guild skills that they're allowed to learn for their level.
  • 4 new ranks have been added to the game: Squire, Captain, Viceroy, and Seneschal. With the addition of these ranks, ranking up to the highest rank has become more difficult and now requires longer participation in Royal Court activities.
  • Healing guts at the Healers Tower now costs 1 mark per gut regardless of level. In the past, healing guts costed 1 mark per level.
  • Instead of attacking you, the Goblin Gate Guards will now take 1 Thief Insurance from your backpack whenever you enter the Goblin Mounds. If you don't have any Thief Insurances in your backpack, the Goblin Gate Guards will attack you.
  • Enchant Scrolls can no longer be bought from Djinni's Magic Shop at the Mountains.
  • Characters can no longer die for the rest of the day. Instead, they will only lose a certain number of quests if they die.
  • Changes to Items

  • The cost of Castle Permits has been reduced from 5,000 marks to only 800 marks. However, Castle Permits can no longer be re-used; a new permit has to be purchased whenever a Peasant character enters the Castle Area.
  • The rate of rust for Notes, Mandrake Roots, Bottled Faeries, and Cookies has been modified to rust faster than other items.
  • Changes to Weapons

  • There has always been a shortage of decent helmets in the game, and luckily, two very useful helmets were introduced in the 2003 upgrade. Both helmets are definite upgrades over the Miners Cap, which was the best helmet in the game before the upgrade. The first new helmet is the Great Helm, which is dropped by the Trolls at the Mountains. Although a Great Helm subtracts more skill than a Miners Cap, it more than makes up for it by providing more defense and not coming with the Glow attribute. This makes the Great Helm an ideal helmet to wear for players who are questing at the Mounds.
  • The other new helmet is the Spiked Helm, which is dropped by the Gladiators at Hie Brasil. Offering a nice balance of attack and defense points, the Spiked Helm is widely considered to be the best helmet in the game today. It also doesn't come with any pesky attributes such as Glow or Panic. With the addition of the Spiked Helm, the Gladiator is now the only creature in the game that drops 4 different types of weapons.
  • Goblin Mithrils, which are dropped by the Treasury Guards at the Mounds, can now be equipped for the Feet location.
  • It's no longer necessary to polish rusted weapons to remove the effects of rust. Successfully applying an enchant scroll to a rusted weapon is now a way of getting rid of rust.
  • Changes to Top 24 Listings

  • The Highest Age column for the Top 24 list has been replaced with a list of characters who have the Highest Favor in the game. The Favor attribute is no longer a hidden attribute in the game and it's now easier for a player to keep track of his or her ranking progress.

  • Upgrade Analysis: DC Upgrade of 2005

    Another major upgrade was made to the game in May 2005. This upgrade is much larger than the 2003 upgrade and is the first upgrade in years to include a new questing location.

    Changes to Gameplay

  • The town area has now been divided into two areas. The first area, Towne Road, includes the Tavern, Weapons Shop, Items Shop, and the Castle Gate. The second area, known as Market Lane, includes Aimee Suitor's Armoury, the Gambling Den, and Silver Storage; the latter is no longer part of the Tavern. In addition, the Docks questing location has been moved from the Castle Area to Market Lane.
  • Major changes have been made to the Docks. First off, you now have to pay 50,000 marks to hire a boat to the Docks. Next, you now have the option of choosing which location you'd like to quest in as long as you have the necessary rutters to quest in those places. You're also guaranteed to encounter a creature in these areas, which means that adventuring in the Docks will no longer result in gaining Wits as easily. Lastly, the Beagle's Seaside Diner building has been added to the Docks. You can buy drinks and various items including a Rutter for Hie Brasil.
  • A new questing area, Azteca, has been added to the Docks area. There are 4 creatures that inhibit Azteca and they are more powerful than the creatures at Shangala. Anacondas can swallow equipment with Glow or Flames, Jaguars and Priests can hypnotize, and Soldiers can use Ieatsu attacks. A Rutter for Azteca is required to access this new area.
  • The Dragon Guard building has been added to the Castle Area. There are 9 different missions to be completed, and each successful mission will result in gaining various weapons or items. Be sure to check out the Dragon Guard Guide for more information about these missions.
  • The Queen will now provide blessings to prevent the problem of rust. More information about these blessings can be found in the Preventing Rust guide.
  • It's now possible to lose your rank and be demoted to the rank of Squire if your favor drops to a level lower than half the amount of favor that was needed to advance to your current rank.
  • New characters can no longer start as a Noble.
  • Less clan power is now needed to gain clan abilities. Check out the Clan Leader Advice guide for more information.
  • Characters now contribute more power points to their clan. For every 8 levels that a character has achieved, the character will contribute 1 more power to the clan. More information can be found on the Level Raising and Benefits guide.
  • A new guild skill, Sage, can be learned at the Free Adventurers Forest Guild. New characters can also elect to start with this skill by sacrificing 12 build points. For more information about the Sage Skill, check out the Guild Skills guide.
  • The Wheel Guy has been introduced to the game to deter players from using macro programs. He will always show up once per day along with a selection of five items and weapons. Choosing the correct item or weapon will allow you to keep that item or weapon.
  • Inactive characters are now taken away by the reaper if they haven't been played for 2 years. Characters above level 20 are taken away by the reaper if they haven't been played for 3 years.
  • You can now receive bonus quests when you wake up if you chose to sleep at a room the day before. Before the upgrade, you either woke up on time and had all your quests or woke up late and lost many quests.
  • Changes to Items

  • Oils, which are items that prevent weapons from rusting, can now be found in the game. Up to 5 oils can be placed on a single weapon. More information about oils can be found in the Preventing Rust guide.
  • A new item, the Tonic of Unskilling, can be used to remove a random guild skill. It's helpful for opening up guild slots for the new Sage Skill.
  • Two new healing items have been introduced to the game: Nectarines and Serpent Scale Soups. More information about these healing items can be found in the Healing Guide.
  • Two other new items have been introduced to the game: Fang and Jaguar Hide. Both items can be sold for Marks in the in-game shop, but Jaguar Hides can be used to manufacture Jaguar Mantles at the Dragon Guard through the Gnome Tailor mission.
  • Mandrake Roots no longer serve for the function of restoring quests. Instead, they heal 180 guts, temporarily decrease 3 wits for the day, and act as a berzerk-like attack during battle.
  • The roles of Rubies and Turquoises have been switched. Rubies no longer inflict Blind and Turquoises no longer inflict Blast.
  • The functions of magical scrolls have been changed again. Flames will now add 10% base attack points to right and two-handed weapons as opposed to 8 attack points. Luck now adds 10% base skill to right and two-handed weapons as opposed to 12 skill. Glow now adds 5% base skill to weapons instead of 2 skill. Lastly, Bless adds 5% base defense to weapons that don't provide 0 base defense.
  • Cookies have been removed from the game. With the loss of Cookies and the altered function of Mandrake Roots, there are no more items that can replenish quests.
  • All items will now rust at the same rate. This means that Notes, Bottled Faeries, and Mandrake Roots will no longer rust more rapidly than other items.
  • Enchant Scrolls can no longer be bought at Djinni's Magic Shop.
  • Changes to Weapons

  • Nunchakus have been re-added to the game.
  • A weapon that has reached its Maximum Enchants number will no longer blow up if it's further enchanted. It will simply glow purple and the enchant scroll will have no effect on the weapon.
  • Rare weapons with clan attributes can now be found on weapons.
  • Level restrictions have been placed on most weapons in the game. Weapons can only be worn based on your character's level and the number of Fighter Skills that he or she has learned.
  • 3 clan abilities have been modified to increase the size of a character's backpack and/or storage. Trader adds 20 spaces to your backpack, Hotel adds 20 spaces to your storage, and Merchant adds 20 spaces to your backpack and storage.
  • On the inventory page, there is now an option to view the stats of weapons before their names.
  • An = sign is now included in front of each weapon that has at least one attribute attached to it.
  • It now costs 100 marks to polish all rusted weapons from your backpack and the weapons you have equipped. Before the upgrade, it costed a specified amount of marks to polish individual weapons.
  • The base stats of Sea Slippers and Silver Sea Slippers have been downgraded. They now provide 20% less skill than they previously did.
  • Mithril Mails have been renamed to Mythril Mails, and Goblin Mithrils have been renamed to Goblin Mythrils.
  • Along with the addition of Azteca, new and powerful weapons have emerged to challenge the old "best weapons" that have been used by players for years. Jaguars drop Jaguar Fangs and Silver Jaguar Fangs. Soldiers drop the best right-handed weapon in the game, the Silver Amini Club, along with the regular Amini Club. Priests drop Imacaci Masks, which are arguably the best head gear in the game when it comes to sheer defense. More information about these powerful weapons can be found on the In-Depth Weapons Guide.
  • Along with the addition of the Dragon Guard, 6 new weapons can be manufactured through the completion of various quests. These weapons are the Mythril Helm, Jaguar Mantle, Swift Boots, Dragon Scale Jacket, Titan Blade, and the Silver Titan Blade. More information about these weapons can be found on the In-Depth Weapons Guide.

  • Upgrade Analysis: DC Upgrade of 2006

    The latest upgrade to the game was made in June 2006. Although the June 2006 upgrade was relatively minor in comparison to the other upgrades that were made in the past, it was nonetheless an important one. All changes that were made to the game only affected weapons.

    Changes to Weapons

  • The largest and possibly most important change that the June 2006 upgrade brought was the addition of 10 Crystal weapons to the game. One crystal weapon can be found in each questing location and the most sought after crystals include the Crystal Gauntlet, the Crystal Jaguar Fang, and the Crystal Swift Boots. Crystal Swift Boots can be randomly manufactured at the Dragon Guard through completion of the Noble Trophies mission.
  • The base stats of the Silver Amini Club has been corrected. Initially, many players perceived the new Silver Amini Club to be a downgraded version of the old Silver Amini Club. However, this isn't true. With average base stats of +140a/+300s, the new Silver Amini Club is far superior to the old Silver Amini Club, which has average base stats of only +100a/+300s. These are actually the base stats that the original Silver Amini Club was supposed to have; historically, the base stats of silver weapons have been twice the base stats of their regular counterparts.
  • Silver Jaguar Fangs are no longer dropped by the Jaguars in Azteca. Instead, only regular Jaguar Fangs and the new Crystal Jaguar Fang is dropped.
  • The Wheel Guy has stopped offering silver weapons, and because of this change, the trade value of silver weapons is expected to increase.

  • Upgrade Analysis: DC Upgrade of 2007

    Although the DC Upgrade of 2007 actually hasn't been released yet, you may read on for spoilers. This much anticipated addition to the game is expected to be released sometime in 2007 and many of the changes can already be found on the Test Version of the game. However, some of the changes that are listed here actually can't be found on the test version yet and are simply information that have been provided to me by a trusted source. Much of the changes that will be made to the game will involve gameplay.

    Changes to Gameplay

  • The playing screen will be enlarged.
  • The starting screen for new heroes will change. You can elect to purchase some basic equipment for your character with your build points.
  • For new heroes, The Wheel Guy will no longer automatically show up on the first quest.
  • The icon for the Market Lane will change.
  • In the Castle Area, the Dragon Guard building will be moved to the left of the page while the Clan Hall building will be moved to the right.
  • The order of the Dragon Guard missions will be changed. The Tears of a Dragon mission will be on the top of the list, followed by Grand Fish Oil Project, Mysterious Goblin Armour, The Gnome Tailor, Seafarers Museum, Queens Folly, Serpent Scale Soup, The Titan Blade, and Noble Trophies.
  • Less experience points will be required to level up. This means that when the 2007 upgrade is applied to the game, many characters will gain a few levels as soon as they log in.
  • Players will no longer have the option of selecting a button that allows them to send items at the Post Office in quantities of 100 million. That button will be replaced with one that allows them to send items in quantities of 10 million instead.
  • Your character's inventory page will look slightly different than it does now. The experience bar will be replaced with a numerical amount of experience points that's expressed in terms of thousands. Also, updates that are made to your character's stats will be changed as soon as they are made; you'll no longer have to exit the inventory page and enter again to see the new changes.
  • Severe changes will be made to the concept of tithing. First of all, limitations will be placed on how many experience points you can gain through tithing. From now on, you'll only be able to gain a number of experience points that's equivalent to your character's current level. Also, you won't have the option to tithe if your character doesn't have any quests left for the day, and you can also lose a quest while you're tithing. The good news, however, is that tithing will now have a chance of increasing your character's Wits and Charm. This means that you'll no longer have to rely on Dicing at the Royal Court and risk losing a lot of favor.
  • Changes to Items

  • With the exception that items will sell for much less marks than they do now, no significant changes will be made to items in the game.
  • New items are expected to be released as soon as new questing areas are added to the game.
  • Changes to Weapons

  • Crystal weapons will add a certain number of Wits when you equip them.
  • The Wheel Guy will stop handing out weapons as an option to players.
  • Regarding the position of a weapon, the word Armament will be replaced with Worn.
  • New weapons are expected to be released as soon as new questing areas are added to the game.
  • Future Changes
    In December 2006, a trusted source had informed me that there will be 2 new questing locations in the next upgrade. One of the new questing locations is a Snow area, and at this time, I have chosen not to reveal any information about the other questing location until the changes are made to the Test Version of the game.

    All creature images and related insignia are ©1997-2007, Fred's Friends, Inc. This help site
    is maintained and written by randomorange of the Wizards & Warriors clan. Please send
    all inquiries to randomorange through in-game mail. This site is not affiliated with Fred's Friends, Inc.