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Thank You List
Because I'm only one person and can't possibly have the answers to everything about this game, it always helps when people are willing to do things that contribute to the improvement of this website.

Today, most of the help that I receive from others are those who contribute the base stats of weapons to the Weapons List. The Weapons List becomes better every time as other players are willing to add any unlisted base stats of weapons to the list.

Thanks to:

Alxkorvin on 12/9/02 for contributing 129a/36s Great Pike and 65a/15d/65s Rat Tail Whip to the Dungeons weapons list, and 46d/57s Serpent Scale to the Docks weapons list.

Banana22 on 4/10/07 for contributing 32a/15s Unicorn Horn to the Forest weapons list.

Drummer on 12/9/02 for contributing 210a/42s Silver Gladius to the Silver weapons list.

Edmund on 12/9/02 for contributing 77d/22s Great Targe to the Hie Brasil weapons list.

haykay on 3/28/07 for contributing 30a/-1s Steel Sword to the Castle weapons list and 34d/-5s Great Helm to the Mountains weapons list; on 7/3/07 for contributing 24a/3d/9s Dwarf Axe to the Forest weapons list.

Nabir the Fist on 12/9/02 for contributing 72a/120s Shuriken to the Shangala weapons list.

omaha on 6/21/07 for contributing 27a/18s Long Bow to the Fields weapons list.

Quark11 on 10/27/06 for contributing 47a/57s Nunchaku to the Shangala weapons list, 118a/-8s Giant Maul to the Mountains weapons list, and 68a/16s, 127a/30s, 136a/32s, 144a/34s, 153a/36s, 170a/40s Titan Blades to the Dragon Guard weapons list; on 2/17/07 for contributing 35d/-7s Mythril Helm to the Dragon Guard weapons list; on 4/25/07 for contributing 13a/24d/-4s Rams Horn to the Mountains weapons list; on 6/4/07 for contributing 90a/-10s Giant Maul to the Mountain weapons list; on 6/28/07 for contributing 52a/63s Nunchaku to the Shangala weapons list.

sirinnu on 5/2/07 for contributing 65d/46d Dragon Shield, 28a Dwarf Axe, 30d Goblin Mythril, 26d Half Plate, 12a Staff, 30a Weird Knife, 57a Nunchaku, and 57a Silver Pike to the In-Depth Weapons Guide.

timbuktuk on 9/29/06 for contributing 50d/24s Mystic Robes to Dungeon weapons list.

Zidarian on 9/16/06 for contributing 70d/33s Mystic Robes to Dungeon weapons list.

Anyone who has contributed the stats of their antiques to the Antiques Catalog/Directory.

Everyone for using this help site!

All creature images and related insignia are ©1997-2007, Fred's Friends, Inc. This help site
is maintained and written by randomorange of the Wizards & Warriors clan. Please send
all inquiries to randomorange through in-game mail. This site is not affiliated with Fred's Friends, Inc.