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NPC Quotes
Here's a complete listing of quotes that are uttered by Non-Playing Characters (NPCs) in the game. These quotes are generated randomly and have absolutely no effect on anyone's gameplay. Yes, this means that they're meaningless and have no bearing on a character's ability to gain rank or attain items.

The creation of this article was inspired by the questions that are often asked about Queen Beth's quotes and whether or not a character is more likely to advance in rank if she utters a certain line. The notion that her quotes are meaningful at all is, of course, false.

Queen Beth (Court)

Give me a good jape.
Give me a good reason.
Have you seen Queen Beth?
I'm getting bored.
Show me something special.
Tell me a story.
What a clever little man.
Where have you been?
Why should I listen?
You are boring me.

Elden Bishop (Healers Tower)

Alms for the poor?
Be brake like Queen Beth.
Can you spare some marks?
Care for a massage?
How may I aid thee?
Let me heal thy aches.
Please let me help.
Share with the poor.
Thou art distressed.
Thou art disturbed.
Tithe for thy soul.

Silas Keeper (Tavern)

*Sniff* *Sniff* (Gulp)
Beer is my friend.
Hixxup! Excuse me.
Huh? You say something?
I'm kinda sleepy.
I'm so happy.
I love to drink.
Queen Beth who?
This job is great.
You're my best friend.

Bill Smith (Weapons Shop)

Buy something sharp.
Elf Bows are fast.
Greetings Friend.
How are you today?
My joints are aching.
Queen Beth is strong...
See you at the Tavern.
Want to arm wrestle?
Welcome to my Shop.
You think Aileen's cute?

Aileen Suitor (Armoury)

Armour is good...
Back fer more?
C'mon sexy, smile.
Cover ever'thing
Hey there, sexy.
Hiya Sonny!
Need some shoes?
Queen Beth is my hero.
Watcha Got?
What's your sign?

Sally Trader (Trader Shop)

Aileen scares me.
Hello Again.
How are you?
How's the family?
I like Queen Beth.
Need some help?
Need something special?
Nice weather today.
The tavern is noisy.
Want a kiss?
You look healthy.

Shamus Silvertouch (Silver Storage)

It is a pleasure to serve.
Please read this brochure.
Please wipe your feet.
Queen Beth mentioned you.
The royal family banks here.
Welcome again and again.
You are nicely outfitted.
You look tired.

Slick Willy (Gambling Den)

Ahoy there matey.
All bets are final.
Collect some swag, sonny.
Place yer bets, swabby.
Queen Beth wins big!
Shiver me timbers.
Well blow me down!
Yarr! Pieces of Eight.

Servile Krymp (Clan Hall)

Be Wary of Usurpers.
Deliberation is a Virtue.
How may I assist you?
Leadership is a Burden.
May I help you, sir?
Queen Beth was just here.
Think carefully my lord.
What are your wishes?
Yes, your Lordship?

Alexander Dumas (Dragon Guard)

Ah good! You have spirit!
Are you as good as Queen Beth?
Aspire to Nobility.
Fight For the Queen.
Follow Your Heart.
For Queen and Country!
I am old, but not blind.
I am old, but not deaf.
Practice and Train.

Fenton Magus (Forest Guild)

Beware the Snot.
Boar tastes like chicken.
Elves are aloof.
Feel fear mortal.
Gryphons speak in riddles.
Have respect for the guild.
I've met Queen Beth.
Orcs are greedy.

Shortleg Smithy (Forest Smithy)

Acch! What is it?
Elf Bows? Bah!
FIX IT!? Yure Nuts!
Gak! I hate Elf Bows!
Here's a pretty piece.
I spit on Mythril.
REPAIR!? Smeg off!
Shades! Go away!
Think as you're tough?
This is art, laddy.
This is me finest work.
Well, piss on me.
What now!
What the hell you want?
You're no Queen Beth.

Gathrank Cunning (Gem Exchange)

Heh, Heh..
Queen Beth heh, heh
Shrechk! Phtoo!

Djinni (Magic Shop)

Do Not Anger Me.
Greetings Master.
How May I Serve Thee?
Never Ask A Girls Age.
Queen Beth is Dreeeeamy*
Seek and Ye Shall Find.
Seltzer Cleans Dust.
Try Blinding Trolls.
You Wish is My Command.

Smidgeon Crumb (Gobble Inn)

I can loanzez money...
I price thingzez nice.
Insuranze for your woezez?
Need some shirtzez?
Queen Beth aint nuzzin.
Sorry, I sneezded on it.
Whatz your problemzez?
You need zomething?
Zat's funny! tee-hee-hee!

Briny Beagle (Seaside Diner)

Ahoy Laddeo.
Arr Matey.
Into the Briny Deep.
Pieces of Eight.
Queen Beth kinna swim fer beans.
Shiver Me Timbers.
That be a nice tea cozy.
Walk The Plank!
Where's Me Treasure?

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is maintained and written by randomorange of the Wizards & Warriors clan. Please send
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