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Old Level Raising
On April 29, 2000, I determined the amount of experience points that were required to advance to the next level. Back then, the number of experience points necessary to level up was highly predictable because all you needed to do was use a calculator and combine the experience points from the previous two levels. Level 36 was considered to be the highest level for a player to reach, and anyone who exceeded level 36 wasn't considered by many to be a legitimate character.

Although there are probably many people today who have exceeded level 36, it was difficult for people to level up back then because people didn't gain nearly as many experience points for slaughtering monsters. For instance, receiving only 323 experience points for killing a Samurai is impossible by today's standards. And for perspective, I played Sky Rider for more than two years and quested him in the Docks/Hie Brasil/Shangala region (you couldn't choose locations back then) and he was only at Level 29 when I stopped playing. It wasn't too hard to see why rich people, who had billions of marks at their disposal, opted to level up their characters by tithing.

So here's the handy list that I had written up more than six years ago. I stopped at Level 40 because any character who had a level higher than 40 was almost certainly a "hacked" character back then.

Level Experience to Advance
1 50 exp
2 75 exp
3 125 exp
4 200 exp
5 325 exp
6 525 exp
7 850 exp
8 1,375 exp
9 2,225 exp
10 3,600 exp
11 5,825 exp
12 9,425 exp
13 15,250 exp
14 24,675 exp
15 39,925 exp
16 64,600 exp
17 104,525 exp
18 169,125 exp
19 273,650 exp
20 442,775 exp
21 716,425 exp
22 1,159,200 exp
23 1,875,625 exp
24 3,034,825 exp
25 4,910,450 exp
26 7,945,275 exp
27 12,855,725 exp
28 20,801,000 exp
29 33,656,725 exp
30 54,457,725 exp
31 88,114,450 exp
32 142,572,175 exp
33 230,686,625 exp
34 373,258,800 exp
35 603,945,425 exp
36 977,204,225 exp
37 1,581,149,650 exp
38 2,558,353,875 exp
39 4,139,503,525 exp
40 6,697,857,400 exp

All creature images and related insignia are ©1997-2007, Fred's Friends, Inc. This help site
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