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Randomorange's Random Giveaways
As a person who has always given weapons and items away, I hold giveaways at the Trading Post every now and then to donate excess supplies and weapons to players who request for them. Included in my giveaways are weapons and items that I don't have a use for but know that someone else out there can use. By hosting these giveaways, I'm hoping to lessen the amount of clutter on the DC boards by providing an alternative to begging.

Be sure to check the Trading Post forum for any giveaways that randomorange is currently hosting! Participation is free (obviously) and alternative accounts are eligible for handouts unless stated otherwise.

How are items and weapons selected in a random giveaway? For item giveaways, the amount of the item being given away is usually specified. For weapons giveaways, which are hosted far more often than item giveaways, weapons are randomly selected and are sent in the order in which they appear in the backpack of the giveaway account.

Here are the results of past giveaways:

Giveaway Day Started Participants Given Away
Random Giveaway 3 1/31/07 45 165 weapons
Holiday DSJ Giveaway 12/28/06 56 56 weapons
Holiday Rare Giveaway 12/23/06 60 180 rare weapons
Random Giveaway 2 - 19 87 weapons
DSJ Giveaway - 14 37 weapons
Rare Giveaway 11/9/06 27 80 rare weapons
Random Giveaway - 29 147 weapons (61 rares)
TOTAL 250 752 weapons

You may be wondering why I even bother to keep track of the amount of weapons that I've given away. My reason for doing this is to see if I can surpass the number of weapons that I once donated to Clan Titan's Armory under a different alias.

For anyone who wishes to assist me in my giveaways, feel free to donate weapons as long as they meet one of these qualifications:

  • Dragon Scale Jackets with base stats of +144d/-16s or above
  • Any rares without Disease or Panic attributes
  • Any silvers
  • Normal weapons with an equipment level of at least 21 as well as a multiplier rating of 1.6 or above. For headgear, a multiplier rating of 1.4 is acceptable.
  • Please remember to oil each weapon at least once before sending. I'll add the names of all donators to the Thank You List.

    All creature images and related insignia are ©1997-2007, Fred's Friends, Inc. This help site
    is maintained and written by randomorange of the Wizards & Warriors clan. Please send
    all inquiries to randomorange through in-game mail. This site is not affiliated with Fred's Friends, Inc.