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Questing Tips Guide
To most players, questing is the most enjoyable thing to do in the game. After all, it's always fun to fight random monsters and gain access to a plethora of powerful and rare weapons that the monsters drop. I've compiled some tips that you may want to keep in mind while you're questing out there.

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Hie Brasil | Shangala | Azteca | Abandoned Mines

Building Tips

  • 1. Always sell treasure type items such as Teeth, Tusk, Gold Nuggets, Crystal Crowns, Dragon Scales, and Platinum Rings to the in-game shop owner. Other than to be sold for marks, they serve no other function. However, you may want to hold on to some of them if you want to use them to complete Dragon Guard quests.
  • 2. Don't buy any armour from the Armoury except for the Scale Suit, Spike Shield, and Boots. Only buy these armour if you're a new character.
  • 3. Don't buy any weapons from the Weapon Shop except for the Spike Helm and the Broad Sword. Only buy these weapons if you're a new character.
  • 4. Tithing doesn't always work at the Healers Tower, so when it doesn't, don't bother wasting your Marks on it. However, tithing is effective on your very first day of questing, for you can quickly advance to the next level by tithing alone if you have the marks to do so.

  • Field Tips

  • 1. Trading with the Gypsies usually isn't a good idea because he'll just take your marks and run away. Attack him as soon as you have at least 10 Attack or Defense points.
  • 2. Starting at Level 3, you'll encounter Soldiers, who are the strongest creatures that you'll have to face in the Fields. They're equipped with Pikes and Half Plates, so don't try to attack them unless you have at least 15 Defense points.
  • 3. Trading with the Centaurs can be extremely beneficial to your character. If the trade is successful, you may receive a Quartz and perhaps a Long Bow, both of which are more than worth the cost of trading. You may even gain some Charm for doing this.
  • 4. If you have some Food at your disposal, feed the Rodents. Not only will you save a quest, but this extra quest can be used to encounter stronger creatures. You may also gain some Charm for doing this.
  • 5. If you have some Marks to spare, bribe the Goblins. Not only will you save a quest, but this extra quest can be used to encounter stronger creatures. If the Goblin ends up attacking you, be sure to fight him if you want your marks back.

  • Forest Tips

  • 1. As soon as you arrive at the Forest and find Smithy's, you should replace three of your current weapons (Boots, Broad Sword, Spike Shield) with a Doc Martins, Steel Sword, and a Sword Breaker. Don't bother buying the Full Plate because it subtracts too many skill points and it's better to just equip a Mythril Mail that you'll undoubtedly receive from three of the creatures in the Forest. Also, it costs 60 marks to identify your weapons at Smithy's, so go back to the Weapons Shop at the Fields if you want to identify your weapons for 40 marks instead.
  • 2. Snots may be slow, but they have a lot of Guts and can easily slaughter your hero in one or two turns. Don't try to attack them unless you have at least 60 Guts and a good amount of Defense and Skill points. Snots also have low wits, so they're very susceptible to being mesmerized. If the Snot drops a Dwarf Axe, you might want to save it in case you want to make Swift Boots later on in the game.
  • 3. Gryphons can be powerful opponents, so you should only answer their riddles if your character is strong enough to defeat them. Try to have at least 55 net weapon stats before fighting them.
  • 4. Be sure to help the Unicorns, but don't even think about attacking them. Although naturally gentle, Unicorns are the strongest of all the creatures in the Forest and they can mesmerize you and induce Panic. If you're able to help the Unicorn, you may receive useful items such as Gold Apples, various gems, and a Unicorn Horn.

  • Castle Guard Tips
    (Peasants Only)

  • 1. If you want to avoid the First Guard, purchase some Castle Permits from the in-game shop owner.
  • 2. If you want to avoid the Second Guard, complete the Queen's Folly quest at the Dragon Guard and use the Unicorn Pendant to enter the Royal Court.

  • Mountain Tips

  • 1. Before heading to the Mountains, make sure that you have at least 200 pieces of Rope in your backpack. Ropes are required to quest at the Mountains and Trolls happen to be a good source of Ropes. If your character is strong enough to survive their Berzerk attacks, Attack and Help as many Trolls as you can. You should also watch out for the Mountain Goats, who won't hesitate to eat up your supply of ropes.
  • 2. If you'd like to receive a Rutter to Hie Brasil early on in the game, kill some Giants until one of them drops the rutter. However, the Giants are probably the most powerful creatures that you'll face in the game for a while. Just like the Forest Snot, Giants have very high Guts and they have the potential to inflict a lot of damage to you. Similarly, Giants have low wits, so they're very susceptible to being mesmerized. Be sure to save any Giant Mauls that the Giant drops in case you want to make Swift Boots later on in the game. Don't bother equipping the Giant Mauls because they're two-handed weapons that subtract skill and aren't as powerful as other two-handed weapons such as Great Pikes and Great Bows.

  • Goblin Mound Tips

  • 1. Before going to the Mounds, make sure that you have at least 200 Torches in your backpack.
  • 2. Take off any weapons and armour with Flames or Glow on them because the Worms are going to swallow them. For obvious reasons, you shouldn't equip any Miners Caps or Flaming Swords that you find in the Mounds. If the Worm ends up eating your equipment, try to fight it if you want to get it back. If you don't fight it, you'll lose your gear forever.
  • 3. In order to gain access to all the areas in the Mounds, you need to have Maps. Purchase a Map to Warrens for 500 marks from the shop owner and perhaps a Map to Treasury for 2,000 marks if you feel that your character is strong enough. If you don't have enough marks to purchase a Map to Treasury, try to kill a Goblin Berzerker. If you want to have access to the Throne Room, slaughter some Goblin Vaults at the Treasury. You should also purchase some Thief Insurance for 800 marks from the shop owner if you want to prevent monsters from being able to swindle you or avoid having to face the Gate Guards. If you don't have enough marks to purchase Thief Insurance from the shop owner, kill some Hoodlums.
  • 4. Sell the Cross Bows that you get from the Gate Guards and sell all the Gold Nuggets that you'll inevitably receive from nearly all of the monsters at the Mounds. These are very easy sources of Marks and you can use them to buy more Torches and Thief Insurances.
  • 5. Don't even try to attack the Warlocks because they'll mesmerize you and take half your gear. These Warlocks are so unfriendly that they'll still take half your equipment if you have a Bottled Faery in your backpack.
  • 6. If you find a good Miners Cap, leave the Mounds and deposit it at the Silver Storage. Replace your Spike Helm with Magic Robes if you decide to kill a Warlock and it happens to drop one. Magic Robes don't provide as many Defense points as Miners Caps, but they don't have Glow and can't be swallowed by the Worms. You should also replace your Doc Martins with the best pair of War Boots that you can find from a Hoodlum.
  • 7. Before entering the Treasury, make sure that your character has at least 80 guts and the best armour that you can get so far in the game. Some of the creatures have the Berzerk ability and can finish you off in a hit or two. If you have the Berzerk ability yourself, use it against the Goblin Champions because they're the most powerful creature in the Mounds besides Evil Fred. Goblin Champions have the Berzerk ability and can also swindle and backstab you. In addition, Goblin Champions can use Seltzer Water to cure any status effects that are inflicted against them.
  • 8. Hoodlums, Warlocks, Treasury Guards, Goblin Champions, and Goblin Queens won't hesitate to swindle you. Check your backpack and make sure that you have some Thief Insurance.
  • 9. Make sure that you have a Bless Scroll or two at your disposal in case you equip a cursed weapon.
  • 10. If you're literally dying to meet Evil Fred, kill or seduce Goblin Queens until one drops a Map to Vortex. Prepare for the fight of your life!

  • Dungeons Tips

  • 1. Unlike at the Goblin Mounds, there aren't any creatures in the Dungeons that can swallow your weapons and armour with Flames and Glow on them. Replace your current head gear with a Miners Cap or a Mythril Helm to avoid having to use Torches.
  • 2. Giant Rats are the weakest creatures in the Dungeons, but they also drop two of the strongest right-handed weapons that you'll be able to get your hands on for a while. Be sure to replace your current right-handed weapon with a Rat Tail Whip, or if you're really lucky, a Silver Tail Whip.
  • 3. Similar to their forest brethren, Dungeon Snots have high Guts and low Wits. Mesmerize them if you can, for they are a good source of Dragon Shields and Snake Oils. The Dragon Shield is a good defensive replacement for whatever left-handed weapon you may be wielding at this point.
  • 4. The Goblin Berzerkers at the Dungeons are slightly more powerful than their brethren at the Mounds, but they can drop Rutters to Shangala and Silver Weird Knives. Silver Weird Knives are a good offensive replacement for whatever left-handed weapon you may be wielding at this point.
  • 5. Run away from the Wizards and don't even try to attack or bribe them. You certainly shouldn't try to mesmerize them either because you most likely won't succeed. Wizards offer the most experience points out of all the creatures in the Dungeons, and if you feel that your character is strong enough to defeat them, you may receive a Mystic Staff, which can be sold for thousands of marks to the in-game shop owner. In addition, Wizards drop off Bottled Faeries, Silver Staffs, and Mystic Robes. Replace your current body gear with Mystic Robes if he drops one. Don't bother equipping a Silver Staff if you're lucky enough to receive one because there's a good chance that you would've found a better Rat Tail Whip or Silver Tail Whip by then.

  • Dock Tips

  • 1. Once again, you should take off any weapons and armour with Flames or Glow on them because the Sea Serpents are going to swallow them. If you're wearing a Miners Cap or a Mythril Helm, replace it with a Great Helm, which can be received from the Trolls at the Mountains.
  • 2. Pirates are a great source of Blast Powder, and you'll usually get quite a few of them if you kill or trade with them. However, Pirates often use Blast Powder in battle, so don't try to attack them if you don't have at least 120 guts. Pirates can also swindle you, so have some Thief Insurances at your disposal.
  • 3. Kill or seduce Mermaids, for they often drop Sea Slippers or even Silver Sea Slippers if you're lucky. Sea Slippers are one of the best footwear in the game and is more than likely to be the best foot gear that you've acquired so far in the game unless you were lucky enough to receive a Crystal Swift Boots from the Noble Trophies quest at the Dragon Guard. They also provide a lot of skill points and can be enchanted to exceptional stats. However, Mermaids can mesmerize you, and when they do, they take half of your gear regardless of whether or not you have a Bottled Faery in your backpack. They can also swindle you, so make sure that you have some Thief Insurances.

  • Hie Brasil Tips

  • 1. It's possible to receive a Rock from a Harpy if you have low wits and don't have any Thief Insurances. Be sure to have all of your items stowed away at the Silver Storage before willingly allowing yourself to be mesmerized by one. If you don't care about receiving Rocks, run away from Harpies because they don't drop any weapons or useful items.
  • 2. If you don't have a Rutter to Shangala already, you'll have to kill a Hercules or answer his question. Hercules are also a very good source of Marks and other items. Always try to answer his question first because there aren't any penalties for answering incorrectly.
  • 3. The Gladiators may not seem to have very high Guts or Wits, but don't let it fool you. They have Berzerk abilities at their disposal and can quickly finish you off in a hit or two. However, they can drop four different weapons, all of which are quite useful: Spiked Helm, Gladius, Silver Gladius, and Great Targe. The Spiked Helm is probably the best head gear that you'll be able to find in the game, the Gladius/Silver Gladius is a great right-handed weapon that you should replace your Rat Tail Whip/Silver Tail Whip with if it has good stats, and the Great Targe is a good replacement for your Dragon Shield. Gladiators are also a good source of marks and Rutters to Hie Brasil in case you lose yours.
  • 4. The only known way of receiving Aging Elixirs in the game is to attack or seduce the Medusas. However, Aging Elixirs are very rare and difficult to come across.
  • 5. Golems can be powerful creatures, but they have low wits, so it's always a good idea to mesmerize them. Besides the usual gems that Golems drop, they can occasionally drop a Crystal Gauntlet, which is more than worthy enough to be a replacement for your Silver Weird Knife.

  • Shangala Tips

  • 1. Shangala's the only place in the game where Ieatsu attacks will be used against you, so make sure that your character has enough Guts and Defense points to survive against the Shoguns and the Samurais who will not hesitate to use them against you.
  • 2. The Shoguns may be more powerful than the Samurais because unlike the Samurais, the Shoguns will chase you down and are armed with both Berzerk and Ieatsu. You shouldn't answer their questions unless you have a high amount of Wits and are prepared for the Ieatsu attack that may be used against you if you answer incorrectly. They can also drop Spirit Katanas, which you should sell for marks instead of equipping because monsters will just end up running away from you if you equip it.
  • 3. You can't use your Berzerk or Swindle abilities against the Samurai; however, you can try to mesmerize it. Make sure that you have a high amount of Guts and Defense points in case it fails or the Samurai hits you first. If you kill the Samurai, you may receive a Masamune and/or a Koutetsu. Replace your current right-hand weapon with a Masamune and your current body gear with a Koutetsu as long as they're better than the weapons that you have equipped. Also, if you want to learn the Ieatsu skill yourself, bring a Bushido Token with you and hope that a Samurai will be willing to teach that skill to you. Ieatsu is a powerful skill that will allow you to strike first in battle and it's also more powerful than Berzerk, but it doesn't affect your Attack/Defense and you'll lose 3 of each stat.
  • 4. You can receive 4,000 pieces of Food from the Peasants. Use the food to feed creatures or eat them to heal 4 injured guts.
  • 5. Slaughter the Plague Warriors, for they carry both types of Rutters and are a great source of Gold Nuggets.
  • 6. Enchant Scrolls are dropped by creatures such as Pandas and Shoguns. Be sure to use them to increase the stats of your equipped weapons.
  • 7. Sell the Matchlock Rifles that you receive from the Mercenaries; make sure that your character has at least 120 guts (and it should by now) in order to survive their blast attacks.
  • 8. If you weren't lucky enough to receive a Crystal Gauntlet from a Golem, Ninjas drop Shurikens, which are satisfactory left-handed weapons that are good replacements for your Silver Weird Knife and also offer a good amount of skill.

  • Azteca Tips

  • 1. The Azteca Soldiers drop the best right-handed weapon in the game, the Amini Club/Silver Amini Club. They also drop Ayotl Shields, which are exceptional left-handed weapons that can only be rivaled by the Jaguar Fang/Silver Jaguar Fang/Crystal Jaguar Fang in terms of Defense points. However, you shouldn't underestimate the power of these Soldiers because they can use Berzerk and Swindle abilities against you.
  • 2. Watch out for the Jaguars, for they'll often try to mesmerize you. Make sure that you have a high amount of Wits (at least 500) and have some Bottled Faeries in your backpack. Jaguars can drop Jaguar Fangs/Silver Jaguar Fangs/Crystal Jaguar Fangs, as well as Jaguar Hides that you can use to make Jaguar Mantles at the Dragon Guard.
  • 3. Anacondas don't offer anything great, but take off any weapons and armour with Flames or Glow on them if you're going to attack them because they'll swallow your gear.
  • 4. Lend a helping hand to the Priests even though you aren't likely to succeed because of the high amount of Wits that they already have. They can drop the Imacaci Mask, which is the best head gear in terms of Defense, but because it induces Panic, it isn't a popular head armament among many players.

  • Abandoned Mines Tips

  • 1. The Abandoned Mines is the home to the one and only creature in the game that you dreamed of slaughtering when you were a newer character - the Dragon. The Dragon will prove to be the greatest challenge that you'll have to face in this game, for it has the power to Berzerk, Backstab, Swindle, and even Mesmerize you. They don't drop any weapons, but they are a good source of Marks and Dragon Scales, both of which can be used to make Dragon Scale Suits at the Dragon Guard. You can also trade with the Dragon if you're in a clan with the Dragon ability or have a weapon with that attribute. Having the Dragon ability is generally a good idea because Dragons will be a little nicer to you. For instance, they'll just take half your gear when they mesmerize you instead of just killing you. Then again, you may not want this to happen to you if you have a lot of Bottled Faeries in your backpack.

    For other tips that don't necessarily pertain to questing, check out the Tips and Tricks section.

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