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Tips and Tricks
If you wish to maximize your gameplay, there are some tips and tricks that you should keep in mind.

Tip: Always Carry a Bottled Faery
Carrying at least one Bottled Faery is always important. In case the outcome of a battle doesn't weigh in your favor, one of your Bottled Faeries will break out to transport you to the Healers Tower before the monster can take half your gear.

Tip: Avoid Excessive Tithing
Although leveling up is beneficial in many ways, one way in which it doesn't serve to benefit your character is that you'll have to face stronger monsters. If you can't already defeat the monsters at your current level, increasing your level is probably one of the last things that you want to do.

Trick: Extra Set of Quests
Having more quests is always a good thing. Simply equip a rare weapon that has the Quick attribute and you'll have an additional set of quests that are equivalent to your level subtracted by 1. You can unequip the weapon with Quick as soon as you've finished spending all of these additional quests, but perhaps it's best to equip this weapon after you've exhausted all of your quests in case you need to visit the Post Office or something. This trick doesn't work if you're already in a clan that offers the Quick ability.

Tip: Limit Your Fighter Skills
Getting more Fighter skills is often seen as a good thing since it increases your attack points and allows you to equip advanced items at a lower level. However, having too many of these skills is rarely a good idea. You may be able to fight stronger monsters in the game with these advanced weapons, but they'll eventually lead to your downfall when the strongest monsters in the game can finish you off in a single hit. By relying on powerful weapons and fighting stronger weapons when your stats aren't on par, you'll level up quicker than those who don't rely on Fighter skills to let them equip those weapons. So why is this a bad thing? Let's just say that you'll be at a disadvantage when that Samurai blasts an ieatsu at your Level 33 character with 177 guts and your Dragon Scale Jacket isn't durable enough to save you.

Tip: Outdoor Necessities
In case you ever find yourself in a situation in which you don't have any quests left and are stuck in the Forest, Mountains, Mounds, or at the Docks, there are a few items that you should have in your inventory. Be sure to bring some Cooking Gear, a Sleeping Bag, and a Camping Tent. The Peasants in Shangala often drop these items, which will help prevent your items and weapons from rusting. Also, be sure to use any Snake Oils and Fish Oils that you may have on the weapons that you don't want to rust.

Tip: A Second Set of Weapons
It may be helpful to have a second set of gear for the times when you aren't questing in the Mounds, Docks, or Azteca. Take advantage of the benefits of having Flames and Glows on these weapons because there are no creatures outside of the Mounds, Docks, or Azteca that can suck off weapons with such attributes.

Tip: Useful Panic Combo
If your character is currently using a weapon with the Panic attribute, such a Silver Masamune, Spirit Katana, or Imacaci Mask, save one of your other 4 slots for a rare weapon with the Bandit attribute. The Bandit attribute will greatly reduce your opponent's chances of being able to run away from you. Of course, it also helps to have more skill.

Tip: Store Your Items
Before starting your quests for the day, it wouldn't hurt to deposit all of your items to the Silver Storage in case you come across a monster that mesmerizes you and takes half your gear. After all, there are quite a few monsters in the game that will mesmerize you and take half your items regardless of whether or not you have Bottled Faeries in your possession.

Tip: Enjoying the Game
Have you ever been bored of playing Dragon Court? Quest in different areas instead of questing at the exact same location every day unless you're dedicated to finding certain weapons or items. Rotating locations every few days or so will allow you to get the most out of the game.

Tip: Exit Frequently
Many mishaps can occur while you're playing the game. The java applet can freeze by itself, you can accidentally click on the links on the left of the window, and you can get killed or mesmerized by creatures. As soon as you find a valuable weapon, be sure to leave the game immediately since that's the only way that the game can be saved.

Trick: Fixing In-Game Lag
Whenever there is a flash advertisement on the top of the page, close the browser or refresh the page until you get a non-flash advertisement. If you're already logged in, be sure to log out before doing this.

Tip: Getting Free Stuff
Rather than begging for items, simply go to the Trading Post and participate in one of the many giveaways that should be taking place there.

Tip: Efficient DSJ Manufacturing
While making DSJs at the Dragon Guard, equip a rare weapon with the Merchant ability and another with the Trader ability unless you're in a clan that already has these abilities. This will increase your maximum backpack capacity from 60 to 100 spaces, which will allow you to carry more DSJs with you when you go back to the Fields to identify and sell them. The Merchant ability will also allow you to sell your DSJs for more marks than usual.

Tip: Even More Efficient DSJ Manufacturing
For further DSJ making efficiency, you may want to equip a rare weapon with the Armor ability. This allows you to identify your DSJs from your backpack, which means that you won't have to go back to the Fields and waste a quest to identify them. Keep the DSJs that you want and dump the rest. What's also beneficial about doing this is that you can retrieve any DSJs that you've accidentally dumped as long as you don't take any more steps in the game.

Tip: Storing CSB Making Materials
If you happen to have characters who only exist for the purpose of storing CSB making weapons, equip a rare weapon with the Merchant ability and another with the Hotel ability if you aren't in a clan that has either of these abilities. This will raise your maximum storage capacity from 80 to 120 spaces, which is a 50% increase.

Tip: Effective Dicing
Characters have a better chance of gaining wits through Dicing if they have less marks in their backpack. Rather than wasting a quest to go back to the Silver Storage to deposit your marks whenever you have more than 100,000 marks in your backpack, just send all marks in excess of 2,000 to one of your other characters.

Tip: More Experience Points (submitted by andywoo1)
If you're trying to raise your experience and your character is between levels 15 and 20, you might want to spend some quests at the Royal Court. Characters between levels 15 and 20 usually gain more experience points through participating in court activities than through questing.

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