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Dragon Court Gallery
Here's a collection of screenshots that I've taken over the years to capture various DC moments that I felt were either ironic or interesting in their own way. Many of the screenshots on this page reflect events that have occurred in the distant past. None of them have been altered in any way, shape, or form; in fact, I don't even know how to use the programs that are necessary to alter them! Enjoy.

1337 Mystic Robes
Taken On: July 29, 2006
Mystic Robes armour that sells for exactly 1,337 marks!

Blown Up Knife
Taken On: August 9, 2002
This is what happened if you enchanted your weapons too much.

Broken Mail (Old)
Taken On: February 18, 2002
Well, there goes my rares and silvers!

Taken On: December 17, 2001
Fresh from the Hero in Hie Brasil.

Creating a Clan (Old)
Taken On: August 26, 2002
The birth of my second-clan, which co-existed with the Sky Riders.

Crystal War Tusk
Taken On: July 30, 2006
This was my very first crystal weapon.

Cursed War Boots
Taken On: July 31, 2006
A cursed pair of War Boots.

Docks Traveling (Old)
Taken On: August 2, 2002
When it came to questing in places such as Hie Brasil or Shangala, players didn't have the option of choosing where they wanted to quest in. For players who had Rutters to Hie Brasil and Shangala in their backpack, this was the screen that determined where the player would end up questing in for that particular quest. In this case, I didn't make it to Hie Brasil or Shangala and had to face a monster from the Docks. Back then, this was probably the easiest way for players to gain Wits.

Down for Repairs (Old)
Taken On: April 8, 2002
Dragon Court wasn't actually down for repairs on the morning that this screenshot was taken. Many players believed that Fred and other DC programmers were clearing the top 24 listings again. But this wasn't any other day. It was the day of the upgrade that changed this game forever.

Empty Stats (Old)
Taken On: October 19, 2002
This was one of the more common bugs back then. Luckily, it wasn't anything serious.

Enchant Weak Stage (Old)
Taken On: January 5, 2002
The first of three Enchant stages that was to be implemented for the upcoming DC Upgrade on April 8, 2002. Taken on Dragon Court test!

Enchant Good Stage (Old)
Taken On: February 10, 2002
The second of three Enchant stages that was to be implemented for the upcoming DC Upgrade on April 8, 2002. Taken on Dragon Court test!

Enchant Strong Stage (Old)
Taken On: February 12, 2002
The last of three Enchant stages that was to be implemented for the upcoming DC Upgrade on April 8, 2002. Taken on Dragon Court test!

Finding Silvers
Taken On: December 17, 2001 to May 28, 2007
Some people have never found a silver weapon before. You'll know if you've found a silver weapon if you get one of these screens:

Some older screenshots:

Forum: Anti-cheater (Old)
Taken On: April 2, 2002
Back in 2002, drastic measures were taken against players who were considered to be cheaters. My original reason for taking this screenshot was because Gandalf had mistakenly listed himself as a "Friend to all Hackers."

Forum: Quit Titan (Old)
Taken On: April 6, 2002
A rivalry once existed between Titan and Frost Knights, both of which had exceeded 10,000 power points. Frost Knights had a legitimate chance of taking the #1 spot, and this guy was determined to bring them to the top.

Invitation (Old)
Taken On: April 22, 2002
I couldn't make it to this meeting, but it should've been pretty interesting.

Limbo (Old)
Taken On: February 5, 2002
The infamous Limbo scenario! If you're an older DC player, I'm sure that this screenshot is making your blood boil right now.

Losing Stats (Old)
Taken On: April 14, 2002
There used to be a bug that involved displaying the incorrect stats of characters when they logged out.

Male Mermaid (Old)
Taken On: April 5, 2002
"Aloria" is a really fitting name for a male.

Old Dragon Court Menu (Old)
Taken On: Don't Remember
This used to be the left-hand menu of the game in 2002.

Possible Cheater (Old)
Taken On: March 20, 2002
One way to spot a cheater is to look for stats that are very similar.

Possible Cheater 2 (Old)
Taken On: March 19, 2002
Another way to spot a cheater is to look for stats that are very similar and to consider the weapons that the character has equipped.

Possible Cheater 3 (Old)
Taken On: March 19, 2002
Another way to spot a cheater is to just look at the stats! (Note: This character did not buy drinks at the Tavern to gain this amount of charm.)

Steel Sword
Taken On: July 26, 2006
One of the most powerful Steel Swords in the game.

Thief Insurance (Old)
Taken On: September 28, 2002
Becoming the thief for a change.

Top 24: Cleared Listings (Old)
Taken On: October 28, 2002
These screenshots were taken on a day when Lawrence cleared the top 24 listings.

Top 24: Duke hao2 (Old)
Taken On: August 6, 2002
He was quite possibly the most successful member of the Sky Riders clan.

Top 24: Multiple Clans (Old)
Taken On: October 20, 2002
Back then, there were errors on the top 24 listings that often made characters and clans show up multiple times.

Transmission Error (Old)
Taken On: February 10, 2002
Another meaningless bug in the game.

Weakened Clan (Old)
Taken On: December 27, 2002
Down, but certainly not out.

Weird Knife, Weirder Price
Taken On: July 29, 2006
Bill Smith's willing to pay less for a naturally enchanted Weird Knife with better stats than a slightly weaker Weird Knife.

The Wheel of Fate
Taken On: July 25, 2006
Here she is.

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