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Guild Skills Guide
There are 5 different types of guild skills in the game that can be learned by your character. 4 of the 5 guild skills are available at the start of the game for players who choose to sacrifice a portion of their build points to become a Fighter, Mage, Trader, or a Sage. If your character didn't choose any of these skills at the start of the game, however, there's no need to fret. These skills can be learned at the Free Adventurers Guild in the Forest as soon as you join their guild for 4,000 marks. Although learning each skill results in a loss of statistical attributes, having guild skills is beneficial for many reasons.

An available guild slot is needed to learn a guild skill. With the exception of the very first guild skill that your character learns, you'll also have to pay a few thousand marks and sacrifice 5 quests to learn a guild skill.

Keep in mind that every character begins with the ability to use 1 item in battle. Characters who have learned a certain amount of guild skills will be able to use additional items in battle. The formula for the number of items that your character can use in battle is: 1 + (Total Guild Skills/8).

Guild Skills: Fighter | Mage | Trader | Sage | Ieatsu

Fighter (F)
Training Cost: -2 Wits, -2 Charm
Build Points: 8 points
Battle Bonuses: Adds +1 Attack to your character's base attack, Allows you to use 1 Berzerk attack in battle, Character will become more successful at Boasting at the Royal Court
Special Bonuses: The Berzerk clan attribute offers 1 Berzerk skill for every 8 levels that your character has.

Fighter Skills are more important than ever to have as of the DC Upgrade of 2005. The number of Fighter Skills is combined with your character's current Level to determine the type of equipment that your character can equip. A level 21 character can equip level 31 equipment if he or she has learned at least 10 Fighter skills, for instance. In battle, Berzerk attacks can only be used if your character has already attacked a creature once.

Mage (M)
Training Cost: -2 Guts, -2 Charm
Build Points: 9 points
Battle Bonuses: Adds +1 Skill to your character's base skill, Allows you to use 1 Hypnosis attack in battle, Gems are activated for characters who have learned a certain amount of Mage Skills, Character will become more successful at Mingling at the Royal Court
Special Bonuses: The Mystic clan attribute offers 1 Mage skill for every 8 levels that your character has.

It may seem that Mage Skills are less important to have than other guild skills, but they are important to have for players who have a high amount of Wits. In battle, a successful hypnosis attack significantly increases the chances that a character will gain 1 Wit.

Trader (T)
Training Cost: -2 Guts, -2 Wits
Build Points: 10 points
Battle Bonuses: Adds +1 Defense to your character's base defense, Allows you to use 1 Backstab or Swindle attack in battle, Increases character's chances of running away from creatures without having to sacrifice a quest, Character will become more successful at Dicing at the Royal Court
Special Bonuses: The Trader clan attribute offers 1 Trader skill for every 8 levels that your character has.

Trader Skills are likely to be the most versatile of the 5 guild skills. It's the only guild skill that gives you the option of using 1 of 2 different specialized attacks: Backstab and Swindle. A backstab attack has a higher chance of gaining Guts and/or Charm while a Swindle attack has a higher chance of gaining Charm than regular attacks.

Sage (S)
Training Cost: -2 Guts, -4 Charm
Build Points: 12 points
Battle Bonuses: Provides protection against Backstab, Hypnosis, Swindle, and Ieatsu attacks

Sage skills are the newest type of guild skill. Unlike other guild skills, Sage skills aren't used offensively in battle. Instead, they are used in a passive manner, providing protection from Backstab, Hypnosis, Swindle, and Ieatsu attacks from opponents. They're especially useful for preventing Hypnosis since some monsters are able to take half your gear regardless of whether or not you have a Bottled Faery in your backpack when they Hypnotize you. Having an available Sage skill effectively stops this problem. However, Sage skills won't work if you either use one of your other guild skills in battle or if you use an item in battle. It also doesn't provide protection against Berzerk attacks.

Ieatsu (I)
Training Cost: -3 Guts, -3 Wits, -3 Charm

Unlike the other four guild skills, Ieatsu is an advanced skill that can't be learned from the Free Adventurers Guild. In order to gain this skill, you must visit a Samurai in Shangala and bring at least one Bushido Token with you. Keep in mind that Bushido Tokens can only be obtained from Samurais, so you will have to slaughter a few Samurais to get your hands on a token. As soon as you have a Bushido Token in your inventory, quest in Shangala until you meet a Samurai. Present your token to the Samurai, and if he determines that you're worthy enough to learn the skill, you will gain the Ieatsu skill. If not, continue to quest at Shangala and look for Samurais who will teach you the skill.

In battle, an Ieatsu attack is basically a souped-up version of the Backstab attack. It can be used as a first-move attack and it deals a very high amount of damage to opponents. However, they're unpopular among many players because unlike other guild skills, an Ieatsu skill doesn't offer an increased chance of gaining stats nor does it offer extra uses in battle.

Ieatsu skills don't count towards the maximum amount of guild skills that a character is allowed to have.

Available Guild Skills
To check how many guild skills your character has, go to your inventory page. There should be two numbers for each type of skill that your character has learned; the first number is the amount of remaining uses of that skill for the day and the other number is the amount of that skill that your character has learned.

Number of Guild Skills
Players are allowed to have a maximum amount of guild skills that is equivalent to twice their level. Prior to the DC Upgrade of 2003, players could only have up to one guild skill for each of their levels.

Removing Guild Skills
If you ever make a mistake with your guild skill selections, use a Tonic of Unskilling, which can be bought at the Mountains. The Tonic of Unskilling will remove a random guild skill that your character has learned. However, your character will not regain the statistical attributes that he or she had lost for learning that skill in the first place.

The Best Combination
The types of guild skills that a character should learn are all based on personal preferences and needs. There really isn't a combination of guild skills that can be thought of as the "best combination."

Additional Item Uses in the Past
Characters used to gain an extra item use in battle for every 4 Fighter Skills, 6 Mage Skills, 5 Trader Skills, and/or every 7 Sage Skills that they learned. Today, characters gain an extra item use in battle for every 8 skills that they learn regardless of what those skills are.

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