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Bottled Faeries Guide
First introduced to the game in the DC Upgrade of 2002, Bottled Faeries are one of the newer and most sought after items in the game. A Bottled Faery is an item that rescues a character as soon as he or she is killed in battle, preventing the character from losing quests and items, which is what normally results when a player doesn't have a Bottled Faery in his or her backpack.

Finding Faeries
Faeries can be found in any questing location in the game. Although there's only a 1% chance of encountering a Faery, there are other ways to acquire faeries instead of having to capture them in battle.

Certain creatures are known to drop Bottled Faeries and there are currently 10 of them:
Mages (Dungeons), Mages (Fields), Gryphons (Forest), Medusas (Hie Brasil), Mermaids (Docks), Trolls (Mountains), Pandas (Shangala), Priests (Azteca), Sphinxs (Mountains), and Warlocks (Mounds).

Some creatures are more likely to drop Bottled Faeries than others. In comparison to other creatures, it appears that Mermaids, Pandas, and Priests are much more generous with their droppings of bottled faeries.

Unprotected Hypnosis
A Bottled Faery DOES NOT provide protection from Hypnosis from the following creatures:

Elves (Forest), Mages (Fields), Medusas (Hie Brasil), Mermaids (Docks), Ninjas (Shangala), Pandas (Shangala), Priests (Azteca), Unicorns (Forest), and Warlocks (Mounds).

Trading for Faeries
A much easier way to acquire Bottled Faeries is to trade for them at the Trading Post board. Luckily, it isn't too hard to get Bottled Faeries in large quantities through trading these days.

The Past Value of Faeries
Bottled Faeries were considerably more valuable to players than they are today. As soon as the DC upgrade of 2002 was released, Bottled Faeries were seen as a commodity among many players in the trading community - not only did faeries serve a very useful purpose, but they were also the only unhacked item available in the game.

Declining Value
The value of the Bottled Faery began to decline as soon as players exploited a Goblin Mounds bug in August 2002 that allowed them to buy any item of their choice, including Bottled Faeries, at the shop for 500 marks each.

Recent Bottled Faery Inflation
During recent times, traders have been able to amass thousands of hacked Bottled Faeries, further deflating the value of faeries. Today, there is little doubt that the tremendous amount of Bottled Faeries that are circulating through trades at the Trading Post board have been hacked.

Although it was once possible to purchase major silver weapons for only 10 Bottled Faeries, it isn't too uncommon for such weapons to garner bids in excess of 1,000 Bottled Faeries today.

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