Global Communications Group Master Index

Global Communications Group Master Index

The Little Company that Could!
Anne Colee

Robert Colee has been involved with Hitachi PBX telephones since 1984, when he joined Hitachi Telecom. In 1990, he and his wife, Anne, formed their own Hitachi repair and sales center, Global Communications Group. Global is still supporting the Hitachi products, today, though it has broadened the scope of its functions, over the years.

(2k) 10/05/2004

Hitachi DX series PABX telephone systems:

Hitachi DX series PABX telephone* Hitachi DX ATTIFE * Hitachi DX ATTIFF * Hitachi DX 4CFTA * Hitachi DX 4COBWTB * Hitachi DX 4MFTIFE * Hitachi DX 4MFTIFF * Hitachi DX 4PBRAB * Hitachi DX 4PBRC * Hitachi DX 4SRBWTA * Hitachi DX 8LIFC * Hitachi DX 8LIFE * Hitachi DX 8LIFG * Hitachi DX 8MFTIFA * Hitachi DX series PABX telephone power supplies, POW-A, POW-B, POW-C, POW-D and 48 Volt Rectifiers MWU-A,B,C* VDU 955 Televideo 955 Setup for Hitachi Pabx Telephone* Hitachi DX CPH * Hitachi DX FDCB * Hitachi DX MAB * Hitachi DX MAC * Hitachi DX MCAB* Hitachi DX MCBB * Hitachi DX MICEA * Hitachi DX MISCD *Hitachi DX MTMB * Hitachi DX MWUE *Hitachi DX PBSA * Hitachi DX PGTA *Hitachi DX SCA * Hitachi DX SRDAB * Hitachi DX SSWA * Hitachi DX TNTE* Hitachi DX 955 VDU *Hitachi DX 955 VDU 2

Hitachi EX10 PABX/PBX Telephone System parts for sale! (26k) 06/16/2004

Hitachi HCX Series PABX Telephone parts for Sale! (15k) 10/05/2004

Hitachi HD200 PABX Telephone parts for sale! (3k) 06/05/2004

Hitachi HD200 PABX Telephone Repair List (3k)

Telephone PBX PABX Interconnects Dealers and Manufactures

(9k) 02/10/2004

Brief history: In 1993 Global, known then as Global Communications Group Inc., began international trade with Russia. Found information super highway concept before President Clinton announced telecommunications leglislation changes. See "The Russian Adventure" and "The Global Communicator"

(3k) 12/11/2003

Historical Page of "Global Communicator" online newspaper 1996 Olympics Edition

(5k) 12/11/2003

Dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) is a fiber-optic transmission technique that employs light wavelengths to transmit data parallel-by-bit or serial-by-character.

E-Mail from God?

(10k) 08/31/2002

The Global View...
What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?
by Anne Colee
When our then five year old posed this question to me, I was at a loss to find words to answer him. His question also gave me pause for thought. On the one hand, when we reach the age of majority, we are what is known in the world as "grown up". On the other hand, I firmly believe that when we stop growing up and out and seizing new opportunities, we will begin to stagnate.

(3k) 07/14/2004

Historical "Global Home Page 1996-2000

(7k) 12/11/2003

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: A Magna Carta for all humanity

(12k) 12/19/2003


(6k) 12/21/2002

I Want the Earth Plus 5%

(38k) 08/27/2003

Historical Home Page 2002-2004 Global Communications (40k) 11/22/2004

Historical 1996 ***** SUPERHIGHWAY 2001 *****
A plan to give individuals and companies an immediate Atlanta presence.

(3k) 12/11/2003

We will haul away your unwanted items.
770-912-0864 say: Just come get it! Garage! Basement! Attic! ?

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(16k) 08/30/2004

Evidentiary Sources July 12, 2004 Supporting evidence for the Mantis Man photo I sent to the Exopolitics Course
(Exopolitics-Sum-04 Taught by Dr. Michael Salla . Robert R. Colee
. 2.38 M bmp file (Original photo scanned using a cellophane carrier through a Lexmark X125 scanner feeding USB to a Compaq 500Mhz Pressario computer running Windows XP Home Edition.) E.T. Picture?

(23k) 07/12/2004


(19k) 08/29/2004

GLOBAL PROJECTS - Property Inspection Sheet

(35k) 02/07/2004

Want to make REAL money on the web ?

(7k) 11/03/2002

(3k) 06/16/2002

Atomic Biological and Chemical Warfare Home Defense!

(56k) 10/05/2003

About us - Global Communications Group

(10k) 07/31/2004

Aircraft Type, I have flown, supported or brokered to date.

(6k) 06/16/2002

The night before we attended the museum in Duxford England, I had a dream of being abord the Concord. Not aware that one was on display, I found myself on board only hours after awakening. My dream guide who said he was an American Air Force general was absent though. The British guide who showed me the waking version must have thought me quite mad as I recounted my dream of the night before.

(9k) 11/06/2002

Here's another ET list which is quite extensive but comes without verifiable sources. Some of the information appears to be channelled. There is helpful information here but some may be dubious so please exercize discernment.

(57k) 07/11/2004

Here is the latest copy of the chart of Healing Angels with hotlinks to the Messages at LovingpureLove egroup.

(8k) 12/23/2002

Ga. Home Inspections Do you think you've fallen in love with the perfect house? Are you considering buying it? Before you sign on the dotted line, you should know the condition of the house, inside and out! Get a home inspection by one of our trained home inspectors and know what you're getting into!

(6k) 11/23/2003


(2k) 06/16/2002


(10k) 11/24/2003

When I was in high school, the Cuban Missle crisis occured. I was living in Jacksonville Florida at the time, a home to the Navy's Atlantic Fleet. In those days bomb shelters were on sale at the local shopping center near to my house. As President Kennedy faced down the might of the Soviet presence in Cuba, our skys were darkened by large numbers of military aircraft and helicopters, going south. The highways were clogged with military convoys south bound. (13k) 10/30/2003

Cars, trucks, automobiles, motorcycles, vehicles, parts, tools, buy, sell, service and everything else!

(4k) 05/18/2003

Automotive survival far from civilization.

(3k) 06/16/2002

Business to business!

(40k) 04/07/2003

Baby Items

(1k) 05/18/2003

None dare call it conspiracy, or do we?
The following is what happens when a web master has too much time on his hands.
The following is an expression of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America

(52k) 08/30/2002

Retail & Bar Code Systems General Glossary

(12k) 05/18/2003

100 Items to Disappear First in A Panic
By Joseph Almond

(7k) 06/02/2003

Anthrax Cover Up?

(54k) 06/16/2002

10,500 B.C. I am in my royal yacht, we have just arrived in a parking orbit between Mars and Jupiter

(11k) 10/12/2003

Official Within MJ-12 UFO-Secrecy Management Group Reveals Insider Secrets > by > Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

(8k) 05/25/2002

Brain waves

(7k) 08/31/2002

Road Racing, Bridgestone Motorcycles.
Florida Grand Prix Race Circuit 1970-1974

(31k) 05/25/2003

Business Plan Sept 7, 2001 Global Internet Cafe

(36k) 02/08/2004

Real Estate Investor/Developer
Robert Colee Phone 770-965-3444

(1k) 02/10/2004

Subject: Emergency Child Birth EVALUATING THE MOTHER As a general guideline, there are three cases in which you should not try to transport the mother to a hospital or doctor:

(26k) 06/10/2002


(25k) 11/25/2002

Colee Related and Unrelated

(19k) 05/18/2003

Colee Related and Unrelated 2

(58k) 09/16/2001

Computer Hardware & Software

(19k) 07/23/2004

Supersonic Transport Aircraft built as a prototype by Great Britain in the race to build the Concord

(2k) 09/25/2001

The Grand Conspiracy Theory

(11k) 12/05/2001


(55k) 05/25/2003

Get the Word out using this e-mai list.

l (124k) 06/18/2002

Global Communications Group, Chandler Telecom, Planetary Communications
7216 Williams Rd.
Flowery Branch Ga. 30542
phone: 770-965-3444 cell 678-887-2216

(3k) 07/06/2004

E.T. Picture?

(24k) 08/30/2004

Global was founded in 1990. Since then it has had a number of varying applications and locations.

(14k) 06/08/2004

Global Property Renovations Group 678-887-2216 *Serving Atlanta Georgia metro*
Tree Services
Emergency response!
Dangerous trees!
Site Survey!

(2k) 12/02/2002

To format the Seagate st225 mor st251 for the Hitachi 30 PABX telephone you use CP/M

(46k) 11/08/2003

If you don't already have a personal firewall, anti-virus software AND adware/spyware detection on your PC at is how I've done it for free.

(4k) 08/06/2003

Global's Customer base 1990-1998

(23k) 07/19/2003

Defense Conversion on a Budget Space craft hardware we converted into useful items.
Rock and Roll Equipment
Money and later our Flying Saucer

(79k) 05/18/2003

Diana: Thank you! Once you told me that no one was against me. That it was all my choice, the good and the bad choice. You gave me the power. I hope I made some good choices. Although I regret some choices, thank you for teaching me free will.

(4k) 05/03/2002

The Dislosure Project

(8k) 12/02/2001

Registration of your domain name for your website.

(3k) 07/03/2004

Earth Change

(17k) 06/16/2002

Solar Eclipse 1999 Solar Eclipse, Calais France, August 11, 1999, about noon. We just happened to be vacationing in Europe at the time and were very happy to be in one of the few locations on the planet that this was visable. Take a copy of these photos and play with them in Photo Shop or other graphic program. Much fun! When Melissa and Robert did this, we darkened the print and played with the colors. When we did a mirror image, we had a Angel, Alien and a Ram appear. Roscharch Ink Blots anyone? See what you find. E-mail us a photo if you want to publish it and we will give permission.

(4k) 04/14/2004

Lunar Eclipse May 15, 2003

(2k) 05/31/2003

Trying to find the Garden of Eden

(3k) 03/31/2001

The Electronic Cottage

(2k) 11/13/2001

Global Communications Group employee handbook.

(3k) 09/16/2003

Save the Planet

(52k) 11/24/2001

Majestic 12 Mind Control Project

(22k) 01/08/2004

Global's Executive Plan 2001

(11k) 06/21/2002

F-100-F Super Sabre Fighter Bomber U.S.A.F. 1968 Turkey 401 Fighter Squadron

(62k) 05/16/2004

1976 A.D. "The Farm Commune" Summertown TN.. December: I was staying at the farm with about 2000 people, my class was "soaker", while most of the others were residents of this experimental community. This commune was famous in the beatnik community and I was there as a journalist to write about my experiences. This is the first that has ever been written of this week long sojourn.

(20k) 04/29/2003

The Act of March 9, 1933, is still in full effect today. We are still under the Rule of Necessity. We are still in a declared state of national emergency, a state which has existed, uninterrupted, since 1933.

(16k) 01/21/2003

Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution states that Congress shall have the power to coin (create) money and regulate the value thereof. Today however, the FED, which is a privately owned company, controls and profits by printing money through the Treasury, and regulating its value.

(29k) 12/05/2002

The Rules of The Camp Fire.

(5k) 03/31/2001


(2k) 06/03/2002

How I Made $4,000,000 on a $0 Ad Budget. Mostly...
Mark Joyner, CEO, Aesop.Com
Dead Rule Of Internet Marketing #1 - Make Everything Sound Bigger Than It Really Is

(26k) 03/31/2001

Internet Cafe Links for E-commerce!

(3k) 11/06/2001

The Internet and FTP by Tim McLellan

(20k) 06/15/2002

The Human Genome Experiment. Our story.
2030 A.D. The conspiracy started in innocence.
Since cloning was not a supported philosophy we had to operate "black budget" again.

(74k) 02/23/2004

Global Communications Group began in the basement of our house at 4335 Global Court Norcross Ga. 30093, in the winter of 1990. M.I.S. and Associates, of Atlanta Georgia, was it's first customer. Next to bring it's business was Bell South Corporation of Roanoke, Virginia. By 1991 "Global had over thirty customers, ranging from "Fortune 500" to small to mid sized telephone interconnect companies. Specializing at first in the repair of Hitachi PABX telephone systems, we soon expanded into other areas

. (5k) 07/15/2001

The Global Communicator the Planetary Communications News Channel!

(26k) 11/16/2001

The Golden Rule in the World's Great Religions
CHRISTIANITY: "...All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them..."

(2k) 01/20/2003

Global Communications Group Inc. Employee Handbook

(46k) 03/01/2001

Repairs, renovations, light construction, garage doors, mobile welding, loading dock, hand rail. gate, rollingsteel, sheet,light hauling, painting, fence, plumbing, tree, decks, gutter, soffit, facia, chain saw, miter, dry wall repair, roof, Signs, Banners, electrical, wiring, ceiling fan, lights, appliance, telephone, alternate energy, generator, mechanical, electronic, computer, websites, consulting, training, real estate investors.
All estimates based upon $65.00 per hour plus parts. One hour min. Travel time billed if over 50 miles from 7216 Williams Rd. Flowery Branch Ga 30542
homes, apartments, retail stores, motels, hotels, marine, aerospace, industrial, real estate, telecommunications .

(2k) 09/25/2004

How to survive a heart attack when when alone

(3k) 03/19/2001

"The Holograpic Universe" by Michael Talbot

(16k) 05/29/2002

The Story of the Hypnotic Writing Monkey by Joe Vitale

(46k) 11/14/2001

Home Page

(7k) 10/05/2004

Thank you for finding us. You know us. Under our former name Global Communications, we became a household name as we wore our many hats. We helped bring you the telecommunications marvels you use every day, we amused you, provided for your health, defended, and educated you.

(31k) 07/04/2001

I guess we were invaded that night
. I was serving my country that night in a foreign land. Armed with my camera, I was doing another lonely tour on our flight line. Determined to capture a picture of the Braniff airliner as it landed with more tired troops, I was suddenly alerted to an aircraft approaching. Thinking I was seeing my targets landing lights, I was amazed because there were so many. I counted them, thirteen, never did even our pilots fly in that tight a formation in a landing approach. Suddenly I realized that the were not jet liners or fighters or tankers or bombers

(7k) 07/11/2004

Starship "Elisar" and the "Phoenix 1" Project

Ion Jumping To A U.F.O.

(6k) 06/09/2004

The Kiss

(8k) 12/24/2001

The Grid and DNA from Kryon

(32k) 06/16/2002

Essentially the process of ensouling DNA is the same as lighting the fire of the Sun in human hearts.

(66k) 01/15/2004

The only way to assist in limiting excess destruction, chaos, separation and limitation is for those of the Light to connect and speak to the spirits of these individuals, not to their minds.

(9k) 04/04/2003

(5k) 07/20/2004

(4k) 05/16/2004


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(30k) 03/01/2001

Mantis Man E.T.

(4k) 07/11/2004

Global Communications Group's timeline for Mars Colony.

(21k) 11/02/2001

SCHEDULE OF MISSIONS TO MARS as presented 96 Olympics A.T.& T. pavilion

(15k) 07/13/2004

2030 A.D. May 14. Mars! Well Dr. Britt I finally made it.

(9k) 02/28/2001

Messages From Archangel Michael LM-11-2001 - Transmitted Through Ronna Herman

(62k) 11/11/2001

Military Surplus

(76k) 06/16/2002

Power Positioning, or less is more.

(10k) 03/02/2001

Free Money for Entrepreneurs on the Internet

(28k) 08/08/2003

My Favorite Links for the Montauk Military Time Experiments

(17k) 09/23/2002

Moon Landing Faked?

(27k) 12/05/2002

Mother Gwinnett

(8k) 02/28/2001


(9k) 04/18/2003

Net 30

(4k) 04/05/2001

Patrick Flannigan