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What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

by Anne Colee

          When our then five year old posed this question to me, I was at a loss to find words to answer him. His question also gave me pause for thought. On the one hand, when we reach the age of majority, we are what is known in the world as "grown up". On the other hand, I firmly believe that when we stop growing up and out and seizing new opportunities, we will begin to stagnate.

          Six years have gone by since my son asked that "growing up" question. During that time, I believe I truly have grown up, in a personal and professional sense. Three years ago my husband and I decided to found a business instead of work for one. We started Global Communications Group on a shoestring, with a handful of local customers. I typed invoices, wrote letters and managed the office, while my husband repaired telephone systems. We grew and struggled, hiring new employees, gaining new customers throughout the United States and gradually achieved national recognition.

          Now that Global Communications Group has begun to prosper in the United States, it it time to ask the question: "What do you, Global, want to be when you grow up?" Our answer to that question is a bold new goal: to put our skills and services to use in the international market while putting the vast variety of goods and services of those abroad to use in the United States.

          The Global Communicator was born out of our desire to reach this goal. I have long been aware of the enormous capability that newspaper advertising in the United States has to generate new business for companies such as ours, and one of my personal goals when I was growing up was to publish a newspaper. With the Global Communicator, I can achieve my personal goal with the hope and expectation of achieving our company's long term goal of entering the international market. We hope that our paper will always meet your expectations, and we invite all businesses who share our goal to join with us in future issues of the Global Communicator to promote your company along side ours by becoming one of our advertisers.


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