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Immediate Atlanta Business Presence
International Internet Services
Telecommunications Feasibility Studies
World Wide Switch Services including Billing
Earth Station / Microwave / Fiber / Copper Services
  • Engineering / Consultation
  • Installation
  • Support
  • Maintenance
Satellite Television Antennas, Receive Only
  • Sales
  • Installation
  • Service
Callback Reorigination Service

Do you spend over $50.00 USD per month at your non-US business locations? Let us help you reduce your telecommunications costs. Call, write, or fax us today!
Cellular Telephone Systems
PABX Systems
  • Consultation
  • New Sales
  • Used, warranted sales
    • Units, Boards, Components
  • Volume Sourcing
  • Repairs, warranted
    • Units, Boards, Components
Interoffice Telephone Sets

Large and Small Systems.
Centralized Calling Room
  • Custom Designs.
  • Installation.
  • Supports various career options.
Portable Land Mobile Satellite Telephones

Magnavox MAGNAPhones

  • Inmarsat* Type-Approved M & B Land Earth Stations
  • Voice, Fax, Data, High Speed Data, and / or Video Broadcast

Select Features to Meet Your Needs including:

  • 5 different units uniquely featured weighing from 13 to 32 lbs.
  • Suitcase, ground, wall and / or desktop designs.
  • Daily and / or emergency conditions usage.
  • Security and encryption capability.
  • Remoteable Antennas - No quality loss.
  • Exclusive, easy to use satellite location and fix features.
  • Programmable features.
  • International ISDN compatible.
  • AC / DC maximum power range.
  • Battery back-up capacity.

* Inmarsat, the internationally owned geo-stationary satellite carrier provides you with the most accessible, reliable, direct dialed, automatically switched service. Portable satellite telephone calls placed from the world's remotest locations to anywhere in the world, including another satellite telephone.
And... because we care about the Earth...

      We offer products to on some of these pages that use alternate energy.

Fuel Cells, Solar Arrays
Processing Water abd Waste Gases
To provide electricity...

Stay Tuned.

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