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Area Served

We serve companies throughout the United States and internationally.

What Sets Us Apart

We at Global Communications are committed to making your systems work better and longer. Whether you need fast expert repair, replacement or augmentation of your telecommunications systems or assistance in designing the latest state-of-the art computer, or computer system Global is here to HELP!!!

The processes we have developed, for the last fourteen years, for companies both large and small, we can now use for you. We specialize in fast repair turn around, speedy advance replacement, and expert end user support.

Client Service

At Global Communications we have a one year warranty on our enterprise systems. We have had a 96.4 percent repair to rejection ratio, for 10 years. We also feature serial number tracking and notification. Pay Pal may be used to purchase. Net 30 is given to U.S. rated companies. Consulting services are available on a project or hourly fee basis. We are System Integration Specialists!

Owners' Bios

Robert Colee
Robert Colee Robert Colee, the C.F.O. has over 40 years of electronic experience. K4NKD 1960, USAF, Systems Marketing Corporation, Synergetics, Home Microwave Systems, Phototech of North America, Earth Station Satellite Systems, Hitachi Telecom, Interspace Robotics, Total Technical Instute, Interactive Learning Systems, Healthdyne Industries, Global Communications Group Inc. and Chandler Telecom Inc. His major field of work has been in communications, biomedical and aerospace electronics. Also well versed in information technology and corporate management. He attended: University of Florida, St Johns Community College, USAF Air University, University of Maryland, Lake Superior State College, Santa Fe Community College, Brenau College and Harvard University. His fields of study included information technology, communications electronics, aerospace engineering and business.

Robert's Resume
Anne Colee
Anne Colee Anne has been with Global since 1990, serving a variety of corporate officer positions. She is presently V.P. Anne is a writer and editor, founding " THE GLOBAL COMMUNICATOR" in 1993, among other publications. Preceding her work at Global, she was a corporate officer of Systems Marketing Corporation. Her education includes: Marquette University, Notre Dame University, Indiana University, Georgia Institute of Technology and Gwinnett Technical Institute. Her fields of interest are English, information technology and business.
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