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2030 A.D. May 14. Mars! Well Dr. Britt I finally

made it. My kids have me checked in to the Hilton

on the Terra Martia out skirts. The kids got me

this as a birthday present for my 85 Th birthday.

I felt like a little kid pinning on my

astro/cosmonaut wings at last. They said it would

be legal at the 50 mile altitude, as our heavy

lift beam ship floated up. Champaign corks popped

and the 500 passengers cheers bounced off the

walls of PanAmOrbiter 113. This very ship I had

helped design, and was allowed to pilot for

twenty minutes. What an honor for an old grounded

pilot. The thrill was as great, as my first ride

in a F-100F way back in 1968. No complicated

things like zero speed, zero altitude lanyard

to disconnect less my parachute deploy too soon

upon ejection. No oxygen mask or helmet to get in

the way of nausea. No Nausea! Due to the

advances in the bio-genetics lab we had clone

bodies ready in the event of a disaster. Egress

was a thing of the past. Since I have worn this

old body for so long,

I have decided to wear it as long as it works. I

don't know how I will feel when I get my new

sixteen year old body but will wait for that

that least for a while. Many friends and family

have already

donned their new bodies and look great but too

young for the wisdom of their years.

Today I felt great as I danced in the Martian

gravity with my friends. The sensation is that my

body feels like a teenager in this place. Terra

Marcia is a huge manufacturing center located

within traveling distance from the "Face". Travel

is by electromagnetic tube train and takes about

one hour. They say the train hits a peak speed of

500 M.P.H. I still use the old measurements along

with the metric ones.

The kids laugh at me for this. Call me old

fashioned but I remember the pain as the old

U.S.A. tried to convert many years ago.

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