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E.T. Picture?

1991 A.D. August 14,1991 E.T. Photo? The U.P.S. truck brought us three telephone power supplies that morning. R.C.A. had sent them Red-Label as they needed a swift repair. The packages looked like they had been run over with a truck so grabbing our incoming MRA clip board and our faithful Polaroid camera. John grabbed the camera and before he could aim and shoot, it went off. When the photo spit out I took the camera and tore the picture off and set it aside. I took three sucessful shots of the power supplys and we filed them into the insurance file for R.C.A. Turning the first shot over I was amazed at the being staring back at our camera. "Well John you got a picture of an E.T. here" I joked. The photo showed a being resembling a praying mantis of about human size.
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