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Net 30 Credit for Commercial Accounts United States

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You may print this form and fax it.

4335 Global Ct.
Norcross, GA.
Phone:(678) 615-3344 FAX: (678) 615-3343
e-mail: Our Website As a customer in good standing with Chandler Telecom, Inc., we are prepared to offer you a Ten-Thousand dollar, commercial credit line, net 30 days, with our company!!!
To take advantage of these offers and start purchasing all you need to do is fill out this form and FAX or e-mail it back to us, together with your purchase order:

name______________________________________________ Shipping address__________________________________________
Billing address___________________________________________
Phone #____________________
FAX #______________________
e-mail address____________________________________________
Contact Person____________________________________________
Type of company___________________________________________
Bank name_________________________________________________
Trade Reference #1________________________________________
Trade Reference #2________________________________________

What does Chandler Telecom offer?

We have been in the telecommunications business for more than eleven years.
We feature speedy turnaround time and accurate, inexpensive service.
Among the services we offer are:
*NEW and USED Equipment and Parts
*Repaired and Refurbished Equipment and Parts
*PBX - PABX Telephones
*Internet Web Design - We can design your own 4 page website for $200!!!
*System Recovery
*Consigned Inventory
*All kinds of companies


In order that we may better serve your present and future needs, please take a moment to answer the following questions:

1) Which products do you support currently or feel you are going to be moving into supporting within the next 6 months? (Check all that apply.)
()Asuzi () A.T.& T. ()Comdial () Delta ()Eagle
()Executone ()Extrom ()Fujitsu ()Hitachi ()Inter-Tel
()Intertel ()Isoetec ()ITT ()Iwatsu ()Kanda ()Macrotel
()Mitel () NEC ()Nortel ()Panasonic ()Premier ()Rolm
()Samsung ()Siemens ()Sprint ()SRX ()SW Bell () Telplus
()Telrad ()TIE ()Toshiba ()Trillium () Vodavi ()Walker
2) What products do you need us to locate?
__________________________ ____________________________________________________________________
3) Which of your products do you need us to sell?
___________________ ____________________________________________________________________
Please FAX or e-mail us your reply to this.
()If you want us to remove you from our customer list, please check the preceding box.
We hope to hear from you soon!

Anne Colee Robert Colee Chandler Telecom, Inc.