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"Phoenix 1"
My X-file Story
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Project Starlight

Starship "Elisar" and the "Phoenix 1" Project

In 1975, while riding in our van on a lonely road near Gainesville Florida, the four of us noticed an orange light following our vehicle. Pulling to the side of the road we stopped to observe a bright orange light of about half of the moons diameter dancing in the sky. It would move in jerks and wobble in the sky. It seemed aware of our presence and seemed to play a hide and seek with us using the trees to alternatly screen itself from us and then popping out at us. We started joking for it to move right or left, up or down and it would follow our commands. The craft was about one to two thousand feet from us at most times and had an altitude of below tree line, to several thousand feet in the air. The witnesses were, Bob, Diana, Dave and Barbara. No concious loss of time was experienced by the observers, although a telepathic message was received of the propulsion of this device. That it was under intelligent control was very apparent however be it "man" or robot it is impossible at this time to tell. The only physical effects noted, was a numbness in the foot for several days following the incident. The "Phoenix 1" project was started based upon the notes of that evening. Dave, Barbara, and Diana later went their seperate ways and Bob carried on the search. For Twenty two years this research was carried on in secret as there were too many national security issues to deal with as well as the cranks and spooks that came out of the wood work when working on forbidden projects such as these. In 1997 the national security issues were removed and the corporations entrusted with these secrets felt that an immediate release of critical information such as this was vital for the world. In 1978, while building a dual purpose prototype in St Augustine Florida, Kim joined the project. Her Toyata Celica had a plaque on the dash board "Starship Elisar", was the name of her automobile. To her we give credit to the aspect of time travel. Any of our friends who read this please contact us to fill in the details.

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One night, while relaxed with my wife, on our water bed, we heard a whiring noise that got progressivly louder, coming from outside of our mobile home. It was unlike any thing we had ever heard, but we both said air craft at the same moment. Suddenly the whole rear of the trailer suddenly seemed to pitch up, causing the bed to slosh. Jumping out of bed in our undies we both ran out side to look for survivors. In a panic I searched in the dark under the home, as Dee searched for the flash light. Using our light we found no evidence of any unusual occurance. Neither man, animal, or falling debris was in evidence. Inspection of the "Huricane Straps" showed that they had not suffered any thing that would warrant the jolt we felt. Got any clues?

Dale came over and offered to take us out for a treat of straw berry short cake at our local resturant. Finding that my younger son wanted to play with the neighbor and that the other mom was ok watching him we departed. The time was dusk thirty or so. Piling into his car we drove off. The rest of that trip is a mystery to me, having planned on just a trip of less than an hour, and then making a large supper, instead we arived back around midnight in a very emotional state. Upon finding Sean asleep just inside the door way, and knowing he fell asleep hungry both my wife and I burst into tears. Going out to the lake behind my home, I sat and wept. Suddenly an orange light rose from the tree line and hovered above the lake and me before suddenly shooting off skyward. Suddenly I knew what was happening to us.

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