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Hi Everyone,

All or most of you may already know how to do this or already have this on your personal PC. But, when I'm not searching for truth, or busy raising teens, etc. I work in the IT industry. If you don't already have a personal firewall, anti-virus software AND adware/spyware detection on your PC at is how I've done it for free.

Personal firewall - this is important to allow you to be online but to be "stealthed" while doing so. It also prevents remote servers connected to adware or spyware from accessing all of your clicks while you are on your computer - prevents anything incoming and asks your permission for it to access - and also prevents outgoing without your permission. The two best rated free personal firewalls are Zone Alarm and Sygate. I use Sygate only because I had trouble downloading Zone Alarm. A yahoo search will provide Zone Alarm's site. Sygate is: click here - be sure to download the 5.0 and NOT the 5.0 PRO - there is a 30 day trial for the PRO and has a cost associated with it.

Anti-virus software - I use AVG at Its free and works great. There is other free software out there for anti-virus protection - again, just do a search.

Third but not least is Spybot. Spybot is free and has a search and destroy function to rid your computer of adware and spyware. Adware and spyware is utilized by marketing services (and who knows who else) and automatically is sent to your computer when surfing sites. The news sites are doing this big time. When I downloaded this on my PC and ran the first scan (which is not cumbersome and very quick) it found 108 different types of "wares" on my computer. This is the way in which marketing companies, without our permission, follow us on our computers and gather data about us. Go to: If it the site is in German - click on English. This guy is great - and it won't be long until some company comes along and buys it and charges for it!

If anyone has any questions at all - I'll be glad to try to answer them. You'll find alot going on behind the scenes in your PC that you can't even imagine. Sygate has alerted me of several port scans (hackers scanning for open ports). Many times, their not looking to get your info - but looking for a PC to use as a server so they can send out spam or porn sites, or worse. In addition - I'm sure you are all aware of the new "services" that Agencies are using including trojans to be able to find out what the average "Joe" is doing at home on their PC.

Peace and Love - :)

Author Unknown

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