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2030 A.D.
The conspiracy started in innocence. In order to better design a wireless communications appliance, a concept of circuit growth, along a read/ write memory plane was invented. A gel was fabricated that could be programed to grow the most sophisticated circuits.

The programing method was to use a holographic energy field that was phase modulated with the triggering commands. The liquid crystal would co-respond and accept its vector and value. The first breakthrough came when the doping compounds were toyed with and assigned new values.

The next breakthrough came with the invention of the quantum teleportation equipment that could impart a twin characteristic on particles.

Using CAT SCAN type of imaging it was found that a device could be made in third dimensional form. One day a pair of robots were conceived. Because of myths that the engineers joked with, the pair were nick named Adam and Eve. The information had just been down loaded from Compaq Computer, on the human genome experiment. We had our copy via the usual sources as a Beta version.

Since cloning was not a supported philosophy we had to operate "black budget" again. The "Wizard Jewelry" booth was back as a cover for our enterprises. The last few years had seen a new financial bonanza as our cyber business had taken off and was a household word.

The sixteen of us had all donated samples of our
genetic structure and a comparison of all the possible combinations had been calculated . Adam would carry a dose of the sixteen while Eve would carry a different dose of the same sixteen. We figured if we loaded the dice on the first pair that all possible combinations would still surface in the off spring except the few combinations we weeded out that seemed linked to disease.
We were not trying to build super humans, but they would be very healthy.

The bio-engineering on our core material was now back and we needed to get it from the freeze dried status and into the gel. We had found that a fast growth process could be induced with the right stimulation of electromagnetic fields. Our gel was doped with bio- electronic structure building blocks as well as nutrient and oxidation modules. The combination of plasma field technology as well as the use of conventional third dimension circuit growth was adapted with our other technologies. Our pair grew from the inside out. We marveled as the bone structure grew before our eyes--- the dancing lasers bearing ionic calcium reminded me of a light show I had seen long ago in England. The amazing thing about the whole forty days that our twins grew was the amount of our buildings electrical bill.
We assumed we were using as much power as the whole office complex combined.

Since we had been assured by our I.G.F. contact that our project would be given the boost to life consciousness by soul emplacement we were all quite the proud parents.
It is now the birth of our twins, and we watch in awe as the dancing sparkles of the lasers becomes
still. A vibration seems to fill the room as the thirteen Hertz transducers come to life. We know that many other signals and programs are still doing their job. The heart beat which we had started monitoring many weeks before started to become stronger. As we watched the first gasps of air were gasped in and out as we cleaned out the passages of the debris of the gel waste products.

Soon we were talking to our sixteen year old new born twins and were surprised to know that they claimed to be astronauts from twelve thousand years in our past that had become trapped.
So now we had this conspiracy, that involved hiding the robots, who were human, but were twelve thousand year old teen agers, who officially do not exist as humans but as a computer program, from the U.N. and the various secret Cabal operatives who were always in the shadows.
Although we had learned a common language, the "Atlantis/American vernacular" much time was spent in making up for the lack of common words that described our temporal dislocated cultures.

The kids sat for hours watching the Sony T.V. in the den. While they were familiar with the aspects of telecommunications from their civilization a simple can opener or skate board seemed made of magic. A trip to the local Kroger food market would turn into a 3 hour museum tour with the wonders of each fruit or box or can had to be endlessly explained. Thanks to the aid of T.V. we soon dropped our made up language and English served them well. Some of my friends from South America furnished some school documents of kids back in Brazil so we entered the pair into some online universites and local technical school. By the time they had arrived at their 21 st year by our estimation each had found a friend of the opposite sex among their school mates and had diplomas and degrees and a identity that would fool even "The Man".

By now you know that I am writing about the pair who just won the Nobel prize for their work on reclaiming Mar's atmosphere in 406 days. And has launched their fortyth F.T.L. starship of human colonists to the Lyran star system.
Yes the very ones who own American/Atlantis Enterprises of Atlanta of which I am one eighth father to, my son and daughter Adam Faulkner and Eve Jordan. They have blessed me and the other doner/parents with grand children, Lisa Faulkner, Seth Faulkner, Melissa Jordan, Nova Jordan and Isis Jordan. Lisa is now working after school at the bio-engineering lab at A.A.E. of A. She recently built a puppy which we named "Stella", in memory of her genetic donor our old black lab/setter that
Sean saved from the pound back in 1998. Some day there has been talk of looking for some of "Buddy's" genetic material.

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