of the Pleiades

Direct transmission through Carol Withrow

Destruction upon the Earth in regard to the war in Iraq depends in greater or lesser amounts upon how willing people will actualize and connect their consciousness to their spirit.   As we speak about spirit, we are talking about the heart and the solar plexus.  The consciousness of control, manipulation and greed consciousness.

There are those upon the Earth who have chosen as their purpose, path and mission to play 3rd dimensional roles.  The 3rd dimensional intention is to create chaos, separation, limitation, and destruction and to dishonor all living creations.  When these individuals make decisions to do these things, they will always appear illogical. 

What they do will not make sense in regards to what is for the good of all, for progress toward creating and along those lines.  We will not be able to reason with them.  Their path includes an incoherency, an in-congruency.  This is what their 3rd dimensional mind consciousness is attuned to.

The only way to assist in limiting excess destruction, chaos, separation and limitation is for those of the Light to connect and speak to the spirits of these individuals, not to their minds.  Let their spirits know what the global purpose, path and decision is at this time (as envisioned by the Lightworkers) so that their spirits can activate in regard to what their minds are pursuing which is limitation, separation and destruction. 

It is very important and very powerful at this time for all Beings upon the Earth and especially the Lightworkers to connect to their own spirits, to speak from their gut level, from their solar plexus or God Source Spark, to the spirits of all others who are currently connected to chaotic pursuits upon the Earth.  This is the time of transitioning the Earth as it has been seen already. 

The aspect of Light that has actually come from Bush is that he has brought all people and countries together.  They are being forced to make decisions as individuals and countries in regard to peace or chaos.  This situation has caused all peoples upon the Earth to make decisions as to what they choose and what they desire. 

There is a trend, a pathway already in process towards greater balance and harmony by all the words that have been spoken, all the conversations between one another and all communication that has taken place for peace balance and harmony.  All of the Beings of Light speaking internally to the spirits of these others, this is a pathway that is reducing chaos at this time and that can continue. 

It has the availability to continue as all Beings of Light (Lightworkers) hold to their strength, their power, their unity and their oneness without lessening a frequency.

The energies coming to the Earth, beginning April 1, 2003 gives all Beings of Light a greater power and pattern of spiritual energies to work with.  These energies are aligned with the angelic dimensions, the heavens and the divine spiritual dimensions. 

If the war is long or short remains to be seen, for it is dependent upon the Beings of Light upon the Earth and how much they believe in the fear statements coming from those who are following their pursuit and path of chaos.  If the Lightworkers believe the fears and fear their own safety, if they fear any spoken concepts or any 3rd dimensional spirits that exist in the astral frequencies then the Lightworkers are giving energy to chaos, separation, limitation
and destruction of life.  If the Beings of Light step into their true divine energies and bring these into their emotions, they are giving power to that lineage.  Thoughts, the belief system and the emotional system are energy fields; they are frequencies and vibrations that will take form.  It takes form through the minds of those who pursue chaos.  It is giving power to them and it is power through the field of energy; it is thought and fear transmission.

Those who pursue chaos are very intent on sending that transmission to us.  They will utilize all forms of communication to instill their message, hoping that it affects us internally and hoping that it attaches itself to our emotional body, to our cellular body memory and to our feelings.  They then control and manipulate our thoughts in a very 3rd dimensional chaotic way. 

The war that one hears of with soldiers who are fighting with weapons is not the real war.  The real war is taking place in an energy field of transmission of fear energy from mind to mind, hoping to close off the channel to hearts and spirits at the solar plexus level.  This is a war to see how sturdy the Beings of Light stay connected to their lineage of who they are in God Source White Light, staying fully connected to unity, harmony and camaraderie.  This is a war (a test) from the 3rd dimensional beings to see how strong we are as Beings of Light.  Are the Lightworkers ready to activate their New World?  Are they ready to hold onto the consciousness of Light that is required for that activation? 

It is not what is taking place in the physical that is the destructive element.  It is what is taking place in the hearts and minds of the Beings of Light who are down here upon this Earth to transition this planet into the New World.  Activate your consciousness on the New World frequency at the 2200th  dimensional level.  It is time for the New World to be activated even at this very moment.  It can be activated at any moment from this point forward.  It need not wait till the prophesized year of 2012.  You as Lightworkers are in the navigator's seat and it is for you to decide the activation timetable. 

          There are many planned items on the agenda of the 3rd dimensional ones pursuing chaos and destruction.  If allowed, they will carry forward with their planned agenda.  They are not here to be saved or converted away from their purpose and path for which they came down here to perform.  They will stay on their path and they will not sway from it.  And they will continue until the frequency and the consistency of those who are of the Light on this planet maintain their stand.  In the eyes of those who pursue chaos, they keep creating greater and greater chaos, however illogical it is. 

They do not fear being perceived as being illogical because they are here to create disharmony, disruption, anger and confusion.  They are here to pit one person against another.  That is their purpose and they desire that.  That is their path and they will stay connected to that.  No one is condemned for performing his or her path.  The 3rd dimension has a very strong role in manifested creation.  All pathways, that of the Light and that of the Dark (Lesser Lights) are honored.  

Destruction is perceived when one believes that this life is all there is and that everything stops (at death) and that there is nothing beyond.  That is the total illusion, the total limited understanding and the basis of a 3rd dimension.  It always will be and will exist within 3rd dimensional perceptions by those who are performing their paths within it.

Know that when destruction appears to be elevated this just means that those of the Light need to get stronger.  When the Beings of Light do not buy into the fear and when they do not respond to the fear tactics, destruction will settle down.  When Beings of Light are responding to the fear messages and are reacting in the way that those upon that path desire, then fear and destruction will escalate. 

At this time, we see all the Beings of Light growing, expanding and following their hearts and spirits.  We see them getting stronger with the incoming divine spiritual energies in April.  We see that they have a desire to pursue and anchor the Light and are asking many specific questions how to do that.  We see the Beings of Light growing in their determination for peace and the activation of the New World now upon this planet.  We are ready to assist but it must begin with you.

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