Planetary Communications Internet Service Provider

  1. Brief history: In 1993 Planetary, known then as Global Communications Group Inc., began international trade with Russia. Found information super highway concept before President Clinton announced telecommunications leglislation changes. See "The Russian Adventure" and "The Global Communicator".

  2. Planetary developed "The Poor Mans Information Super Highway", a fax on demand, fax broadcast, voice mail system that was successfully beta tested at our Headquarters. This is seen as both an alternate as well as an integral part of the internet.

  3. Planetary provides turnkey communications solutions for:

    1. Government; Planetary is a registered USA/CANADA DOD vendor.
    2. Business; Large to mid-sized firms rely on Planetary daily to provide critical support.
    3. Hospitality Industry; Hotels and motels from giant chains to family owned units rely on Planetary for critical parts and technical support.

  4. Planetary is a recognized telephone company with contacts world-wide.

    1. Central Office.
    2. Satellite Communications.
    3. Public Automatic Branch Exchange Telephony.
    4. Voice Mail, Fax on Demand, Fax Broadcast, Fax Receive, Fax Mall,
      Fax Office.
    5. Phone carrier services, billing, credit, credit/debit cards.
    6. Mail order services.
    7. Television.
    8. Data.
    9. Fiber Optics.
    10. Internet services, web page creation, web page maintenance, e-mail, credit card acceptance, virtual mall, virtual office, web crawlers, search engines, corporate accounts, internet direct access.
    11. Information Super Highway 2001.

Through communication comes understanding...

How can Planetary help your communications needs?

Planetary Communications Group,.
(770) 717-8674 - Fax (770) 279-7300
Robert R. Colee, CEO -
4335 Global Ct. - Norcross, GA 30093 - USA

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