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Do you think you've fallen in love with the perfect house? Are you considering buying it?

Before you sign on the dotted line, you should know the condition of the house, inside and out! Get a home inspection by one of our trained home inspectors and know what you're getting into!

A home is the biggest, most long-lasting purchase most people will make in their lifetimes. It makes sense to be well informed as to the safety and overall condition of any house before you take steps to buy it.

Many homes have problems which end up costing their purchasers untold amounts of time and money. There are laws in place, requiring homeowners to disclose to their potential buyers any known defects, conditions or events in their homes. But how much does the average homeowner really know about his/her home? Many homeowners are only aware of the home problems which they themselves have had to fix (or get fixed).

A number of potential home buyers hire home inspectors, to make sure that the home which they are about to buy will be safe and pose no hidden problems. However, the home inspection industry, in Georgia, is totally unregulated, with no licensing or education requirements currently mandated by law. This means that anyone can legally be a home inspector, without neccesarily having any of the training or knowledge that goes into making a good home inspector.

Our HOME INSPECTORS have been trained to locate unsafe conditions and areas which might lead to problems down the road. They have been educated to diagnose such things as structural defects, foundation weakness, plumbing &/or water damage, roof leaks, and problems with electrical and HVAC.

If you think you have found a house to buy, it is in your best interests to have that house inspected by someone who has been trained in home inspection. Let us send one of our professional, courteous HOME INSPECTORS to you. You'll be glad you did!

When you want to schedule an inspection appointment, you can reach us by calling Randy at:

1-770-953-3126 Home Inspections

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