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The Grand Conspiracy Theory

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At this juncture in our world time line, I have removed the original page that resided here and all its links. I feel that now is the time to absolve the perpetrators of all past sins and move on into a new world. I will eventually publish as a science fiction work my original findings.

Some of the events that I write of are incidents that really happened to me or to others in my presence. In these events I will usually call people by the names that I knew them by. Some of the people I know will only have a "handle" or a made up name.

Some of my stories are purely or partially fictional, employing the vehicles of imagination, symbolism and poetic license to better entertain my audience. Others are pure science fiction, based on a Quantum world where anything may be possible. From time to time my stories change temporal, spacial and/or mythical reference points. A great actor knows that the whole world is a stage. Welcome to my stage. While I don't pretend to know all things these are my observations and perceptions.

I love to toy with my concept of a "Grand Conspiracy Theory". My firm belief is that while conspiracies do in fact exist, I maintain that most of what some people term "conspiracies" are, in reality, a string of related, but independent acts. I do believe that persons operating outside the strictest confines of the law sometimes do bad things and they may belong to governments or organizations operating in secret. If I poke fun at certain organizations, or weave them into some of my tales, portraying them sometimes in not the most flattering of lights, please know that I do so without meaning any harm to anyone so portrayed. If anyone's feelings were ever needlesly hurt by my writings, please accept my sincerest APOLOGY!!!!!!!

Now, I would like to have a calm word or two with some of the officials of the Office of Naval Intelligence: Could you please, PLEASE return or replace my vintage 305 Honda Super Hawk motorcycle, the one that was taken from Lydia Stalnakers house in 1977?!? After all, I've just finished apologising to you and people like you, I've said "please" and, at this point it's been twenty-three years!!! (F.Y.I. You did not get the gas tank with the thirteen holes in it made by the U.F.O. I threw it away. Sorry guys. But if it is still of interest to you, you might try digging up the Gainesville, FL. dump. It's been there since Dec., 1976.) Incidentally, the O.S.I. would also redeem themselves in my estimation if the negatives and the camera of mine that disappeared when in April or May 1968, would suddenly reappear on my doorstep. Enough said.

New subject- To whom it May Concern: In the summer of 1995, a co-worker of mine took a picture which, when developed showed a space alien. My picture of the "Mantas Man" was duplicated and placed into the U.F.O. show circuit for my own safe keeping. I'm sure that the authenticity question is still hotly debated. Since 1997 the drive diagrams have been sent to quite a few interested parties so that this information is in the public domain. A large corporation received limited files of this into their computer in 1984, for safe keeping. They have the resources for this kind of technology and I feel it will be for commercial gain not war. Look in the tape back up under my user I.D.

To all the men in shadow and humanoids in consort; may I send you a bill for $10,000,000.00 for undue harrasment and use of precious time and research? (Hint: Just pass the hat around at your offices!) After all, I didn't ask for this assignment. If you do this to me again, remember to ask, before you take and make it rewarding, and not painful. To all the gene splicers and breeders, I demand visitation rights with my children. By them you are also my family! We may not breathe the same air but we are gene related.

I have been running web sites with the technology for a while now and they seem to be read often.>

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