This page, is to thank all the employees, workers and consultants, who over the years made Global Communications Group.

Jeff Adkins
Tracy Akins
Angela Alexander
Sheila Andrews
Tommy Bartholf
Bob Barton
Michelle Barton
Jennifer Breiner
Tonya Burch
Larry Bently
Anne Colee
Robert Colee
Micah Colee
Sean Colee
Tanya Colee
Aida Colon
Roberta Cosper
Melissa Dobbs
Randall Dobbs
Carl Fitzpatrick
Jackie Galliher
Maria Gutierrez
Nigel Hawman
Paula Heffner
Susan Helfrich
Michael Hodge
Shannon Holloman
Todd Jansen
Karen Kemper
Michael Klien
Jason Lee
Dennis Lindsay
Liz McGrath
Roger Moore
Kirit Patel
Puraj Patel
Lee Perkins
Cristopher Pollard
Ulyses Robinson
Bob Rodes
David Rodes
Robert Rodes
Larry Roeder
Joseph Ross
Meagan See
Steve Silver
Karen Mitchell
Bryann Shierling
Gina Sims
Gina Sinnett
April Starr
Frank Stevens
John Sullivan
Kevin Thompson
Renee Vandiver
Sue Waine
Jerry Willis


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