In order for there to be effective transfer of technology between Earth and Aliens, there must be a perceived need on both sides to do so. For example on our planet, a corporation will produce a television set to sell to a consumer in exchange for money, a resource needed to manufacture more televisions and pay the labor and associated overhead. Possibly we may exchange fresh water for interstellar trinkets, much as Manhattan was exchanged for jewelry. For a holistic approach we must also solve the planetary ills that are ingrained in our culture. I will only address a few which have social, political and economic impact. There are blockages in the current state of affairs also posed by various government agencies which must also be addressed.

The way for the planet to share in any resources must first recognize Human rights.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights:
A Magna Carta for all humanity Some 50 years have elapsed since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the United Nations on 10 December 1948. The Declaration was one of the first major achievements of the United Nations, and after 50 years remains a powerful instrument which continues to exert an enormous effect on people's lives all over the world. This was the first time in history that a document considered to have universal value was adopted by an international organization. It was also the first time that human rights and fundamental freedoms were set forth in such detail. There was broad-based international support for the Declaration when it was adopted. It represented "a world milestone in the long struggle for human rights", in the words of a UN General Assembly representative from France. HERE IT IS!

The problems with the banking system of the planet are based on this narrative. This must be fixed along with Human rights.
A government should never refuse people the access to normal commerce and trade by claiming it is out of money. Suppose the government borrows $10 million. It only costs the bankers a few hundred dollars to actually produce the funds, and a little more to do the book-keeping. Do you think it is fair that our citizens should struggle to keep their homes and families together, while the bankers grow fat on these profits. Credit created by a Government-owned bank is better than credit created by private banks, because there is no need to recover the money from people by way of taxes, and there is no interest attached to inflate the cost. The public work completed with the credit by the Government bank is the asset that replaces the money created when the work is finished. None of our problems will disappear until we correct the creation, supply and circulation of money. Once the money problem is solved, everything else will fall into place.

Some of the various Alien entities are not what we would consider Human. In transferring technology various considerations would have to be accounted for because of this. For example a 7th dimension entity may not have hard technology applicable to the 3rd or even 4th dimension but may have unique insights from their perspective which may also be valuable in a unique way.
Introduction In order to save confusion in one's attempt to categorize all of the various 'alien' entities encountered during paranormal events, it is possible to 'break down' most if not all of the reports into two 'entity' types or categories of intelligent, though not necessarily benevolent, 'entities'. We leave it up to the reader to come to their own conclusions concerning the plausibility of the existence of the SPECIFIC 'alien' groups mentioned in the paragraphs below, based on their own review of the evidence and documentation contained in the accompanying files. We are convinced, regardless of the reliability of specific accounts, that the OVERALL evidence strongly suggests that two general intellectual 'entity groups' inhabit this general sector of the galaxy, and that these two groups are-- generally speaking--in conflict with each other to some extent. Aside from this obvious fact there are numerous accounts which seem to corroborate this thesis, yet these should nevertheless be weighed by the reader in light of their corroborative elements, documentation, the sincerity and reputation of the numerous witnesses, and other evidences both physical and circumstantial.

This is an example of my attempt to use technology to explain the appearance of an Alien captured on film. Perhaps a spin off technology would be to fabricate an Alien viewer machine using Kirlian techniques.
Supporting evidence for the Mantis Man photo I sent to the Exopolitics Course (Exopolitics-Sum-04 Taught by Dr. Michael Salla exopolitics@yahoo.com).

Sometimes using a little technological "Alchemy", one type of device or concept can be changed into other useful items.
Defense Conversion on a Budget
Space craft hardware we converted into useful items. Robots
Rock and Roll Equipment
Money and later our Flying Saucer

Technology transfers and commerce were attempted by my company, with Russia in the early 90s.
For over a year now (1993), we at Global have been exploring the possibilities of establishing trade relations with Russia. For the first two quarters of 1992, Global invested $65,000, untold time and incalculable energy to this end. Our forays into this project have convinced us that we have a more formidable task ahead of us than we ever surmised. At the same time we believe that it is one potentially more rewarding than most people can even envision. Russia is similar in size and population to the U.S.A. Since for the last 50 years, Russia has poured vast amounts of its Gross National Product into military defense, Russia's defense system is on par with ours.

It is in its standard of living that Russia lags considerably behind the U.S. and, for that matter, most of its Western neighbors. In Russia, to obtain even the minimum daily requirement of consumer items one must stand in line for hours. Things such as food, clothing and household goods are not as easily accessible in Russia as they are in most developed countries. Russian people are faced ever increasingly with a sluggish supply and an out-of-date manufacturing system. The factories and the workers in Russia are government subsidized. It would therefore be financially expedient for the U.S. companies to invest in a new manufacturing environment for the Russian market. Russia has some untapped resources that are among the best in the world.

Some very beneficial "side deals" can come to be in Russia. In the past, we at Global have explored the idea of importing various Russian and exporting various American goods and services. These have included, but were not limited to oil, diamonds, precious metals, aircraft, space craft, automobiles, consumer items, food, biomedical equipment, computers, military surplus, electronics, housing and alternate energy. Russia has a huge supply of an untold number of products. On the other hand, the U.S. has many things that Russia needs.

Sometimes fiction will predate an actual technological breakthrough. Jules Vern with his Moon rocket and submarine for example.
The "Human Genome Experiment", our story.

Examples of possible Alien technology transfer may be found in the Montauk experiments.
The Montauk Project Experiments in Timeby Preston Nichols and Peter Moon the Montauk Project chronicles the most amazing research project in recorded history. After the Philadelphia experiment of 1943, forty years of massive research ensued, culminating in bizarre experiments at Montauk Point.

My own attempts at Alien technology transfer:
Alternate energy spacecraft with temporal effects as devised in the "Phoenix 1 Project", Systems Marketing Corporation 1976-1993. Transfer of technology 1996 to Global Communications Group Inc. Transfer of technology to Planetary Communications 2000.

This technology was compiled during research for realism in producing ""The White Light Magic Show" Thanks to NASA, and the University of Florida library systems for assistance in our endeavors.

Areas of research included but were not restricted to; 20th & 21st century technologies, Vedic legends, Atlantean stories, UFO organizations, gravity, quantum physics, parapsychology and observed phenomena.

No explanation of conflicts of thought or science is provided, herein. We have simply published our findings, for you to draw your own conclusions from.

The real story of attempting to build our space craft:
NASA was very eager to help our fledgling aerospace division "GEOMAGNETIC AVIONICS SYSTEMS". We determined that a hull would be vacuum proof if we could pump it up with three or more atmospheres without parts of ragged fiber glass ripping off the limbs of close by lurkers.

"Faraday Shielding" was determined to be essential in order for our test crew not to become like a hot dog in a microwave due to the ongoing EMP during a supposed flight. Since much attention had to be given to long and short time life support, both open and closed loop environmental systems were studied. The drive unit had its own problems and solutions.

The mercury used for the temporal cyclotron in the containment chamber part, of the inverter coil became problematic. Mercury is very toxic and does not like containment except in a few materials, none of which like to be fabricated in a craft which may be stressed to twenty gravities in an instant. We liked glass but had to lean more towards ceramics or composite materials which, on our non Defense Budget, hampered our creativity.

The old Hewlet Packard oscillators we used for the pulse sources were not adaptable to the precise signal stabilities we sought. The oscilloscope of old Apollo vintage, was a power hog.

Something that should also be considered:
"The Holographic Universe" by Michael Talbot"
The Brain as Hologram it isn't that the world of appearances is wrong; it isn't that there aren't objects out there, at one level of reality. It's that if you penetrate through and look at the universe with a holographic system, you arrive at a different view, a different reality. And that other reality can explain things that have hitherto remained inexplicable scientifically: paranormal phenomena, synchronicities, and the apparently meaningful coincidence of events.

Since a Hologram by one definition is made of light, here is the "Language of Light".
THE UNIVERSE IS MADE OF ONE SUBSTANCE We all know the basic formula for this one E=MC2.
Matter is just a lot of energy moving so slowly that we can touch it and sit on it. Energy is just a little bit of matter moving so fast we have trouble finding it. They are polarities of the same substance, which is flowing or moving as different rates, constantly. This very compressibility is what stores form and memory in its wave shape.

Since we acknowledge that our universe is comprised of time and space, see the link below.
To see past the blur of the big bang, you need to wrestle with some infuriating infinities The subtleties of quantum theory are for the most part of little practical consequence for cosmology. Gravity drives the expansion of the Universe, the formation of galaxies, and the way matter condenses into planets. And gravity as depicted by Einstein's general theory of relativity is classical physics par excellence. Relativity assumes that mass and energy are infinitely divisible, and that the geometry of space and time is smooth and continuous down to the smallest scales. But there's one moment when quantum theory can't be ignored -- at the very beginning of the Universe, the big bang itself.

Zero Point Energy is one of the core concepts in attempting to explain U.F.O. propulsion.
Tunneling is a commonplace phenomenon at sub-nuclear levels and occurs in semiconductors, nuclear fusion, and the tunneling electron microscope. Unitel will use the lens to generate electromagnetic bucking waves, denoting a direct interaction with the zero point energy (ZPE). The ZPE is found in the vacuum of space. It is referred to as zero point, because the energy is not thermal in nature. The ZPE consist of random quantum fluctuation. Acting as a single giant electron, the Unitel spaceship will tunnel through the fabric of space-time to arrive at a calculated destination. The same distance could take eons to travel by conventional means. In this manner, our vehicle will demonstrate superluminal or faster than light capabilities..." over-unity device.

Key players in the Intelligence Community must relinquish their control over many Alien technology secrets.
C.I.A., D.I.A., D.E.A., F.B.I., I.N.S.C.O.M., N.R.O., N.A.S.A., N.I.S., S.D.I.O., D.O.E., D.A.R.P.A.


Only time will tell us if we succeed.

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