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Automotive survival far from civilization.

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Message: 2 Date: Fri, 7 Jun 2002 08:51:18 -0700 (PDT) From: Carl Campbell Subject: Scenario 1 - Desert wanderer hmm Lets see at the first sign of engine trouble Engine off and coast. the materials that I have with me in my truck currently is a BOB ( Army surplus Large frame pack) with sleeping bag 2 shelter halfs 6 MRE's 12 Qts water Change of Clothes I usually wear comfortable boots a CB radio in the truck a solar trickle battery charger ( My Dad Gave me This So I leave it plugged in to a 12v outlet and sitting on the dash ) I have a 12v aircompressor hose tape duct tape a emergency belt JB weld and a tire plug kit under the back seat along with a henry survival 22 rifle and a good kershaw knife I always have with me my EMT bag also,under my tonneu cover Is my took kit ( automotive general repair type wrenches sockets hammers screwdrivers ect. However looking at this I think I need some water purification, then again there usually isnt much desert in Missouri but I may have to drink from some of theese farm ponds and distilling would be a long process for the result Using what I usually have with me I would wait till the engine cooled and figured why my Toyota Tundra is having engine problems ( usually the engine lasts longer then the bodies on toyotas if it was a hose or a belt simple just tape the hose and put the temp belt on. and go # 1 into the radiator if the level was too low and drive out keeping an eye on the temp gauge, if that would not work i would use the truck for a shelter use the tool kit to take the tonneu cover frame off and lean it along side of the truck like a lean to as I dont think the sand would hold the tent stakes for the shelter halves and I would get better airflow. I would use that for a shade fly and sleep in the truck at night I would use the CB for 15 min every hour trying to get someone and I would wait it out in 3-6 days some one will be along weather a 18 wheel truck or highway patrol. I usually stick to the main Hys when traveling long distance. Carl

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