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Atomic Warrior

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When I was in high school, the Cuban Missle crisis occured.
I was living in Jacksonville Florida at the time, a home to the Navy's Atlantic Fleet.
In those days bomb shelters were on sale at the local shopping center near to my house.
As President Kennedy faced down the might of the Soviet presence in Cuba, our skys were darkened by large numbers of military aircraft and helicopters, going south.
The highways were clogged with military convoys south bound.
Trains carrying tanks and other weapons were always rumbling past fully laden.
The end of the world had finally come.
President Kennedy had just made his historic speech and we were taking our SAT tests at school.
The girls were for the most part crying, the guys faking bravado.
What a condition to take a test that would bear so heavily on our supposed short future.
I demand a retest or a curve for all on that day.
The day our civilization, ended and another one more ugly arose.
This test was more than a simple SAT for our future college plans, this test was the survival of a nuclear holocaust that has not happened.
The test was really a conditioning of our mind set.
My Class of "63" were now fully initiated Atomic Warriors.
I went off to college and later got drafted for the war in Vietnam.
In May 1966, with the letter from the Army in my hand, that said "I Want You" in so many words, I saw my friendly Air Force recruiter.
My training in the fine art of Atomic Warfare continued in earnest as I arrived in San Antonio Texas, at Lackland Air Force Base.
Next came Chanute Air Force Base at Rantoul Ill.
In December 1966 I found myself attached to the 401 Combat Support Squadron of the Tactical Air Command.
OurF100 Super Sabres carried small Nukes on occasion.
In December 1968 I was assigned to the Strategic Air Command, at Kincheloe Air Force Base, Saulte Ste. Marie Mich. This was home to the B52 "Buff", the largest bombers carring the Big Nukes. Hard to believe, that at one time I had a part in potentially destroying the planet as we know it.
Defcon 1, 2, and 3 as well as air raid scares were a part of the usual paranoid, but structured reality we lived with.
We believed we were the heros, and followed our Commander in Chief as loyal Americans to Armagaden.
May we never, fire the weapons, that I lived most of my life to fear, despise and then to maintain and possibly use.


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