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Global Communications Group
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Atomic/Bio./Chem. Survival

About Us

Aircraft I have known.

The American Air Museum in England



Atomic Warrior


Automotive survival in a wilderness situation.

Business to business

Baby & Infant page

Bad Boys

Bar Code


Black Hole, a starship from Alantis gets stuck in a worm hole.

Boylan UFO stuff

Bridgestone Motorcycles and the racing of such!

Business Plan of Global Communications Group

Cash out in real estate!

Child Birth in an emergency

"Cold Warrior" by Robert Colee

Colee relatives

Colee relatives more

Compaq Computers, buy one here!


Concorde the SST aircraft


Constitution of the United States of America

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Contact Us

CP/M soft ware down loads for antique computers

Cyber Security

Defense Conversion for fun and profit, our story.

Diana of myth and legend

Disclosure Project


DX series Hitachi PABX Telephones

Earth Changes

Eclipse August 11, 1999 Cali France


Electronic Cottage


E. T.

EX-10 Hitachi PBX telephone

Executive Summary Global Communications Group

F100-F Fighter Bomber my day as a fighter jock

Farm Commune a journalistic report 25 years late

File list

File Transfer Protocol


Flea Market Guide



Genome a short story on human cloning

Global Communications Group

Global Communicator News Feeds

Global Communications Group Employee Hand Book

HD 200 Hitachi PABX telephone

HD 200 Hitachi PABX telephone price list
Heart Attack first aid


Huggins, David and his ET experience

Hypnotic marketing

Index of Links old home page

Interplanetary Trading Company

Invasion from space?


Ion Jump, or how to be beamed up!


"Little Company that could" by Anne Colee

Macrovoice Telephone Products, PBX, Voice Mail, wide band


Mantis Man

Mars time line for Global Communications Group

Mars Colonization Project

Mars 2030 A.D.


Michael Message

Military Surplus, how to buy direct


Montauk, the Remote Veiwing projects

Moon Landing faked?

Morgana;s garden

Mother Gwinnett

Mother Gwinnett's Page

Net 30

Neurophone, Patrick Flannigans science fair project that rocked the world


New Jersey Rock and Roll


PABX Telephone 1

PABX Telephone 2

PABX Telephone 3

PABX Telephone 4

PABX Telephone Dealers

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5


Phoenix One Project, expermental anti gravity and temporal hyper drive, developed by Systems Marketing Corporation 1976


Point of purchase

Planet X

Prior Knowlege of 911?

The Queen of Venus Starship


Real Estate

Real Estate 2

Red Book

Resume, Anne Colee

Resume, Micah Colee

Resume, Robert Colee


"Russian Adventure" by Robert and Anne Colee. a cronical of the Russian trade relations of Global Communications group 1993

Schroeder, Paul, E.T. experiences

Search Engines



"Seth Prince of Atlantis"

Science Fiction

The shadow of the swastika



Star Ship Phoenix One, we built it!
Starship "Elisar" and the "Phoenix 1" Project

Stone Henge

Super Bikes 1971-2002

Supercomputer, build one out of off the shelf parts

Survival Skills

Survival Items





Temporal, time travel

Time Cop, things to remember to not disturb the time line.

Time Wave




U.F.O. Convention

U.F.O. Links


Unlatch, Larry may the Angels guide you home.


Varn relatives

VDU 955 Televideo Terminal

VDU 955 Televideo Terminal 2

Virtual Reality

War, some e-mails from 911

War, some e-mails from 911 more


Water, drilling and dowsing for survival

Living Water 2

We the willing, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible!





White Buffalo

"Why" by Robert Colee

Wisner, my ancestor signed the draft to the "Declaration of Independance"

"Dr. Wizard and the Time Machine"1978

"White Light Magic Show", "Thoughts" lyrics

"White Light Magic Show", "Something in the Air" lyrics

"White Light Magic Show", Amazon Warriors" lyrics

"White Light Magic Show", "Before" lyrics

"White Light Magic Show" a Rock Opera( 1977-1980

"My X-Files"1

"My X-Files"2

"My X-Files"3

Yard Sales

Zero Point Energy


Garage Sale

God sent us a letter.


Interconnect Telephone Company

"Just Come Get It" Call Mike to haul away the clutter


VDU-955 Televideo Terminal

These "Links" are examples of websites we have developed from 1995 to present.

Freedom of Speech!Constitution of the United States of America

Time Line of The United States Of America

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We are: Global Communications Group

Global Communications Gp Inc
7216 Williams Rd. Flowery Branch, GA 30542
Phone: (770) 965-3444
(678) 887-2216 Cell
Global was founded in 1990. Since then it has had a number of varying applications and locations. The Global of today features Full E-Commerce Enabled Web Sites, new and refurbished computers, repairs and upgrades of computers,and a variety of other communications related products and services.

Global Communications Group began in the basement of our house at 4335 Global Court Norcross Ga. 30093, in the winter of 1990. M.I.S. and Associates, of Atlanta Georgia, was it's first customer. Next to bring it's business was Bell South Corporation of Roanoke, Virginia. By 1991 "Global had over thirty customers, ranging from "Fortune 500" to small to mid sized telephone interconnect companies. Specializing at first in the repair of Hitachi PABX telephone systems, we soon expanded into other areas.
In 1991 a line of key telephones and FAX switches were added to the products we sold and maintained. Since the Soviet Union had just collapsed we sought trade relations with Russia. In 1992 a deal was struck to represent the Russian Gorizant Geo-Syncronus space satellites and a collection of Russian aircraft, the Mig 29, and Il-76 plus the Mi 8 were added to the wares we promoted. A whole story about this is in "The Russian Adventure". In 1993 we published the "Global Communicator" a bi-lingual Russian and English news paper and advertising medium of which 2574 issues were sent to the Ex- Soviet Union, now known as the C.I.S. Various other commercial ventures were attempted, including becoming a distributer of Magnavox Satellite telephone equipment. A trip to St. Petersburg and Moscow brought two joint ventures with Russian companies.
In 1994 we moved into a suite of industrial offices in Norcross Georgia where we concentrated mainly on the Hitachi telephone products. As a result of our Russian research a focus on the internet as a commercial medium was explored. In 1995 we brought a Cyber-Mall on line and worked all the bugs out with our beta test project. These same Cyber-Malls were featured at the 1996 Olympics, by AT&T at the Global Village exibit.
In 1996 we also opened retail stores to mirror the internet effort.
In 1998 we sold part of our telecom base to Global Telecom Group Inc. Also in 1998 we formed Chandler Telecom Inc. to handle our internet business. In 1999 we pulled our existing E-commerce sites down to completely revise them. In 2000 we went back on line with a loss of only 6 months of down time. Now it is the year 2003, and you see before you a completly different focus in our attempt to show the public how to handle E-commerce. Coming soon the Global Supercomputer! Web development since 1995!

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