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Planetary Communications
Chandler Telecom Inc.

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Thank you for finding us. You know us. Under our former name Global Communications, we became a household name as we wore our many hats. We helped bring you the telecommunications marvels you use every day, we amused you, provided for your health, defended, and educated you. Now we continue to provide goods and services to you and your friends, under our new name, Planetary Communications.

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Freedom through Communications!
Thank you for being our friends. these many years.
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In 1971 a motorcycle franchise was
born. Originally known as"Motorcycles And
Things", the name of the franchise was
changed, in subsequent years, to "Superbikes Inc".

In an attempt to integrate computer technology to
marketing motorcycles, "Systems Marketing
Corporation" was formed in 1976. All these
companies had their origin in Gainesville, Florida
and were the creation of Robert Colee.
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The original charter of "Systems Marketing
Corporation" was changed to provide a research and
development environment, funded by various
contracts and sales. Among the areas explored
were sound stage production, theatrical robotics,
computer controlled holographic synthasizers,
stage props, music production, retail stores, real
and satellite communications.

In 1990, in a move to address a critical need
to provide a national support base for the Hitachi
PABX telephone product, "Global Communications
was formed by Robert and Anne Colee.

In 1993, "Global Communications Group"
incorporated and absorbed "Systems Marketing
Corporation". With the help and input of the then
35 combined stockholders and associates "Global"
became a company to be reckoned with.

Not only did "Global" continue to be
competitive in the repair and sale of the Hitachi
PABX products.
It also started to stand out as one
of the pioneers in solutions for the total
interconnectivity that we see in "cable modem or
DSL service".

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During the same time frame, "Global's" ground
breaking research in Russia provided much of the
basis for the "Telecommunications act of 1996".

Later "Global" was featured at the 1996 Olympics
for its innovative Cyber-Malls and Cyber-Info
sites. "The Mars Colonization Project"

"Chandler Telecom Inc." was formed in 1998
and aquired all the previous Trade Names and other
assets. Incidentally, "Chandler", besides being
the middle name of Robert Colee's oldest son Sean,
means "bearer of light". We at the former
thought "Chandler" was approprate new name for our
Telecom/Fiber Optics company.

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