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Spanish Nights

F 100 F Supersabre
My Aircraft

I guess we were invaded that night.

I was serving my country that night in a foreign land. Armed with my camera, I was doing another lonely tour on our flight line. Determined to capture a picture of the Braniff airliner as it landed with more tired troops, I was suddenly alerted to an aircraft approaching. Thinking I was seeing my targets landing lights, I was amazed because there were so many. I counted them, thirteen, never did even our pilots fly in that tight a formation in a landing approach. Suddenly I realized that the were not jet liners or fighters or tankers or bombers. They were my old friends from Palatka.

Running to the phone I called a buddy in Radar. The Officer of the day would not patch me through as he informed me that we were on alert. Grabbing my camera I attempted to get time lapse photos, bracing my camera on a MD-3 generator for stability. F-104 aircraft from base defense suddenly launched with two sorties.

My supervisor came out to tell me to put the camera away, I did grudgingly. For about an hour we watched the show. When it was over, the score was ET (30) and F-104 (0). No shots were fired but they tried. The radar on the guns would not get a target lock, and the turning radius of the ET was greater than the F-104. Also the ET can move faster, from a stop to several thousand miles an hour in less than a second. I got no shots either on my camera as the roll of film lost several pictures courtesy of our government.

Later Braniff landed and we enjoyed seeing the stewardesses in their strange costumes. The only physical effect I noticed was fatigue. As when I drove home I fell asleep in my car outside the apartment of my residence. I was awakened by the day light after sleeping in a cramped condition for over six hours.

In 1965, UFO researchers in Spain and France began receiving contacts from persons who claimed to be aliens from the planet Ummo. Ummo supposedly orbits around the star astronomers know as Wolf 424.

The Ummite contacts reportedly took the form of phone calls and manuscripts. The latter were large and involved, and claimed to describe the science, politics, and sociology of the Ummites. Artifacts purporting to be from Ummo were left for the investigators. These included such things as sheets of plastic and metal. Upon close examination and analysis these were found to be advanced composites or polymers available, but not common, on earth.

Was the Ummo affair a legitimate UFO phenomenom or an elaborate farce? In the late '60's, there was an increased interest in France and Spain on the part of the US government, the US Military, the US Intelligence Services and NASA. This was during a period of particularly tense and costly renegiotations of bases with the Franco government. During this same time frame Paris and Madrid newspapers were full of things Ummo. Literature that was propogated back then, relating to such things as the wisdom of the Ummites, is, to this day, widely discussed in continental Europe. However, strange, complex stories of trickery and fabrications are also woven into the texture of the Ummo legend.

Today's American and British students of UFO phenomena generally regard the Ummo affair as an involved hoax. Perhaps it was merely a social experiment perpetrated by some intelligence agency such as the KGB, the East German Stasi, the CIA, French military intelligence...)

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