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Ion Jumping To A U.F.O.

In 1978 my sister arranged for me to meet with a member of A.P.P.R.O. who also taught at the University of North Florida, in the Psychology Department.
We arranged to do a hypnotic regression of the Dania event. My sister was present, and armed with I think, 5 tape recorders and a steno pad, we proceeded. The tape recorders started failing soon into the session, with even a tape reel sailing off one of the machines. Only one tape that was very noisy and inaudible in some parts survived. The investigator and my sister were both amazed at the apparent level of poltergeist like effects during the session.
What I remember from the transcripts and notes I made after was, a craft shaped like a large hay stack. There was a being that I thought was a robot but may have been a Grey. I only glimpsed his/her back. This being was engaged in working some type of equipment on the inside superstructure of the craft. I was in a glass or plastic cylinder, Sue was on my right. I was on my back and probes were connected to my feet. The cylinder was cold and frost was apparent on the glass. I asked what was happening and was told that a clone was being made of us. Some other time but I don't know the sequence of events, a human woman that was blond and attractive floated over and using an instrument poked me above the lip. This stung and I assumed she was a nurse as she was in a white uniform of some sort. My vision of this was all like in a fog. The way I had arrived in the craft I was told was ION JUMP.
The hypnotherapist probed deeper and found that I had been programed to die if she passed a certain level.
After this session I was very disturbed for several days and quit the program. Some other bits of memory or what ever came out of this session for a time after. I am convinced now that I won't die, but that this was a screen memory that was placed for some sort of security block. Since that time I have under gone more hypno therapy and will do so in the future.
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