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Hitachi HD-200 PABX Telephone


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HD-200 Repair List
Hitachi DX series PABX telephone
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The HD-200 was Hitachi's effort to produce a small, economy, non blocking PBX / PABX telephone system. The program resided in RAM and had to be manually programmed. Several thousand were produced in Japan and imported to the U.S. and sold nationally. This was during the tense Japanese/American trade relations of the Reagan Era. The system was discontinued due to political pressure, legal issues, and not to any technical flaw. I was there, and know the whole story. The system is now over 15 years old but with proper maintenance and a few spare circuit cards should last another 20+ years. The only real natural enemy is a bad thunderstorm.

The only cards that seem to be rare are the IOCNTA(SMDR) and MWUA(message waiting power supply). If you have any of these cards in stock we are always searching for them.

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